Höhlen & Burgen [HWN 101 & 151]

After a while of not collecting any Wandernadel Stempel, I decided to go out to Scharzfeld today. There, I actually earned two new Stempel.

I arrived in Scharzfeld around 2pm. It took me quite a while to find the appropriate Parking Lot, but I did, and after Parking the Car, I only had to Walk about 300 Metres to collect Stempel 101 at the Einhornhöhle.

At the Höhle.

When I was younger, I used to love the Einhornhöhle. One Time, while I was still in Primary School, we actually had a Day Trip there with the Train. That was really awesome.

But I also have not been there in a long Time, and everything looked totally different from what I remembered. Off Course the Cave itself was closed today because of the Situation.

I would not have been allowed to take Fotos on the inside anyways though. No one actually is.

Near the Einhornhöhle.

From the Höhle, I then headed down into a Valley to go to the Burgruine on the Scharzfels. The Way down was Muddy but otherwise easy.

The Way up to the Burg was very Steep and also very Muddy though. It was very exhausting to get there, and that Part of the Trail was only 500 Metres long.

But it also bridged a Height Difference of about 80-90 Metres. And most of that in short Stages.

Parts of the Burg.

At the Burgruine, I then collected the Wandernadel Stempel after catching my Breath. That one is numbered 151. It is also my 32nd overall Stempel in my Wanderpass.

Sadly, most of the Burg was closed off. There was no explanation, but there was a Barrier at the Top of the big Staircase. Also, I had a bad Case of the Scaredies today.

Because the Way up was very Steep and Muddy, I then opened up my Hiking App to find another Route back to the Car, which I did. It was longer, but it was also way flatter.

My Wanderpass with a few messed up Stempel.

After Exploring the Ruine for a while, I then started my Journey back to the Car on the Path I had just found in my App. There was one more huge Mud Puddle, but from there on it was pretty much smooth Hiking.

There where also a lot of informative Plaques about Nature and Trees scattered everywhere. I love it to Learn while I am out in Nature.

I also saw a lot of Hochsitze, or Hunting Stands, along the Way. I do not see myself becoming a Hunter anytime soon, but I would definitely love it to spend some Time up on a Ansitz just armed with some Binos and maybe my Camera for a while. That could be very cool.

A Hochsitz.

About half-way back to the Car, I then had to pack away my Camera and deploy my Backpacks Weather Shield. It had started Raining quite heavily. One could actually call it a Downpour.

The Rain was also Freezing. And that was the one Thing that actually bothered me about it. I did not just get Wet, I also got very Cold.

Luckily I arrived back at the Car after about 1.5 kilometres of Hiking through worsening Conditions. So I guess I really did earn those two Wandernadel Stempel.

A Hut in the Valley.

As soon as I had taken off my Wet Jacket and gotten into the Car, the Rain then stopped until I was almost in Herzberg. And that really annoyed me.

I could have spend some more Time at the. Burgruine and waited out the Downpour there.

It was still a very awesome Hike though. I had a lot of fun Re-Discovering the Area around the Einhornhöhle and Exploring the Burgruine on the Scharzfels for the first Time ever.

And the Rain did not take that away from me. But it almost did.

You can digitally Explore the Burg Scharzfels by the Way: http://www.scharzfels.info/ (No Affiliation)

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