Pops of Colour.

I love Landscape Photography. But sometimes, a Splash of Colour creates a really nice Contrast to the Greens and Blues of Nature. And that can look really awesome.

Also, some Fotos just work better with a very clearly marked Subject, like a Car or something else that just stands out.

Red Swedish Houses.

That is also one of the Reasons why I absolutely love Swedish Red Houses. They look great in any Landscape.

Red is a great Contrast Colour in a Green Landscape, or any Landscape. I guess that is because Red and Green are Complementary Colours to each other.

And while Colour Science is very Technical, all it means in the End is that Colours opposing each other on the Colour Wheel work very well together.

A mostly Red Train in the Harz.

Other Colours work really good as well though. Like Plastic Blue. That Colour stands out even more in Nature, just because it looks so Unnatural.

In Fact, Blue kinda is my favourite Accent Colour right now. I absolutely love it. But I also have to take what I am getting, and Blues are not usually a Colour I get.

Orange on the other Hand really is not my Favourite. I do not hate it, but it also does not look all to good in Nature. For other Things, Orange is awesome though.

A Red Poppy.

Man Made Things are not the the only great Providers of Colour though. Flowers and Berries work at least equal as well.

Sometimes, they even work better. Especially when they are focussed against some nice blurry Backdrop.

In that Case I definitely prefer Red though. It usually has more strength to it than other Colours in Nature.

A Red Car.

I can definitely do Landscapes without any Pops of Colour, but I personally always prefer those that actually have some Contrast in them.

It always looks nice having a Dash of Red or a Streak of Blue somewhere in Scene.

And I definitely love that.

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