I like Trains.

Travelling is Awesome. But this Year, we have all not been able to return do that responsibly.

But in normal Years, I really like it to travel by Train. It is the best way to get around in my Opinion.

A Train in Köln.

Trains carry way more People than Cars ever could. And you also do not have to drive.

Off Course there needs to be a Train Station where you want to go for you to be able to use the Train effectively. But Bus Stops are also good. Except for here in the Harz. We have neither in most Places that are really worth Visiting.

An ICE in Hamburg.

But since I live in the Harz and usually Travel away from it, Trains are a great Way to get around in Europe.

I took Trains all over Germany and into the Netherlands. Non of my Journeys went all to Smooth, but usually the Bahn was quite helpful. Except for that one Time that I am still a little cross about.

But when a Train in the Netherlands was canceled, they actually paid a Taxi all the Way from Venlo to Düsseldorf just for me to be a lie to get Home. I know it was their responsibility , but I guess the Taxi was more than I ever paid for my Train Tickets.

A Train in Bremen.

Here in Germany, we also have Ländertickets like the Niedersachsenticket that allow you take take all Regional Traffic in a particular Bundesland in one Day, and sometimes even further.

I often used that Offering to get to Hamburg and back Home. It also allows you to take the U-Bahn in Hamburg. And it only costs around 23€ plus 5€ per extra Person. One Ticket can be good for up to five Persons.

And around 8€ to get from Osterode to, for Example, Bremen or Hamburg is really Cheap. Also, Regional Trains are usually more reliable than Long Distance Trains here in Germany anyways.

A Train in Frankfurt am Main.

I really enjoy it to sit in a Train and watch the Landscape wizzing by on the outside.

The only Thing I really can not Stand is to sit in a Train backwards. That kinda makes me feel Travel Sick. Otherwise, I really love Travelling on Rails. It is relaxing, and you do not have to do much on your own, except for Boarding and Disembarking at the right Times and Places.

Sometimes, I also fall asleep just Sitting there in my Passenger Seat. But that also happens on long Car Rides, but not when I am driving. Being driven is just very relaxing to me, especially when it is a smooth Ride.

Trains in Berlin.

Trains here in Europe, or at least in West Europe are actually quite great. There are some Issues every now and then, but I know how it is to take a Ride in North America, both the States and Canada. And those are way Worse.

There are few Journeys a Day, and Service usually is not all that good either. I took two Trains in Canada and one in the States back in the Day, and those Journeys were no Fun at all. But I guess I must have caught some ‘bad’ Trains.

But those huge Freight Trains can look really Cool. Even though they are very inconvenient for Cars at Crossings.

A Swedish Freight Train.

All in All, I really like Trains. I think they are the Transportation of the Future. But for that to happen, Things need to get Way better.

Things like Punctuality and Reliability, especially with Long Haul Trains her in Germany, are still a huge Problem that needs to be rectified.

But I really like it to Explore Niedersachsen with the Niedersachsen Ticket. That is a lot of Fun.

A Loco-Train in Köln.

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