Product Photography.

Sometimes, I really like it to do some Product Photography outdoors. That can be a lot of fun. And it also looks awesome.

Nature and modern Technology create an awesome Contrast between each other, and I really do like how that looks. But other Things also go very well with wild growing Wood.

A Bottle of Maple Syrup on a Tree.

Lately, I enjoy it to Post Stuff on FoodTribe a lot. I have also always loved Canadian Maple Syrup. Or at least I love it since 2014.

Here in Germany, Maple Syrup usually comes in the same Style of Bottle, but with different Labels depending on where it is bought. But a Label Free Bottle did not really look good, and so I made my own in Procreate and Photoshopped it onto the Bottle rather badly. I just have no Experience with that.

I think it turned out nicely though, and the Syrup looks great on that Tree.

My Watch.

Today, I found a really nice looking Log in the Harz. I just had to try and put my Watch on it for a few Fotos.

And I really love them. I think the rustic Wood works very nicely with the super modern looking Smartwatch. I also really like the nice blurry Background.

I should have cleaned up the Watch a little beforehand though, as it is quite dirty indeed.

My little Pocket Knife.

Pocket Knives are supposed to be used in Nature while Hiking and Exploring.

They also make for beautiful Foto Subjects though, especially when they are more Modern and do not have any Wood on them. Wood on Wood just does not have a good Contrast to it.

My Phone.

Modern Technology still creates the best Contrast though. And when your Product has a Screen, it can look really good.

You can put some nice Background on and create something different from all the Noise.

Wood on Wood.

Wood on Wood does not create a nice Contrast, but Wood on Greenery certainly does. Especially when that Greenery is blurred into oblivion so that you can really Focus on the Product.

I only achieve that looks once, with a Wooden Bracelet. And to support Nature, I actually planted a Tree somewhere in the Harz by buying it.

You can still buy the Bracelets* and plant Trees, but now you can also get a Certificate with your Orders. That was not an Option back in May.

My Backpack.

Sometimes, I really enjoy it to do some Product Photography. I find it enjoyable to create something out of thin Air, Ideas and some Things that I have with me anyways.

The Most important Thing when doing Product Photography outdoors in my Opinion is to create a nice Contrast between the Subject and the Background.

Nothing looks good when you can not really see it.

(* I have no affiliation with Heimat Harz.)

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