Wanderlust 2020.

Usually, I consider myself a Fernwehmensch. I absolutely love it to Travel and Explore Places, usually by Train.

This Year, that really was not easily possible. It would also not have been very responsible to ignore what is going on and just go ahead as usual.

Last December in Hamburg.

Usually, I would have gone somewhere, usually to Hamburg, in March. This Year, I was thinking about Munich or back to Amsterdam.

But off Course, Lockdown Number 1, and the by then ongoing Pandemic, stopped me dead in my Tracks. I was not able to really go anywhere.

I was able to Explore around in the Harz a lot, and that was awesome. Since I live here, I can pretty much do that anytime though.

In Schulenberg this April.

Since there was not much else to do, 2020 turned into a Year of Exploring the Harz anyhow.

Going out in Nature Hiking alone really was the only Thing that was pretty much allowed here in Niedersachsen all the Time. And I enjoyed it a lot.

But sometimes, just doing the one Thing over and over just is not enough. And so I was very happy that I was able to visit Lübeck with my Family just in Time. A Week later, we were brought into Lockdown Number 2.

Marzipan in Lübeck.

Lübeck was Great, and it kinda satisfied my Wanderlust for a while. But it also felt a little weird to Travel with all that is going on right now.

Because I did not really want to go anywhere, and also because it was never really a Possibility, I just took one Week of Vacation this Year and then had to take the last two Weeks just now.

I also had to take a few Vocational Tests though, for which I had to Travel all over Germany.

Potsdam in December.

Off Course, I took all possible Precautions, and they worked. I was also unable to really Explore anywhere along the Way, except for half an hour by the Rhein at a few hours at various Train Stations.

I also discovered my interest for Slowly Exposed Train though. That can look really nice. Because of that, I also experimented with using a Tripod again. I am still not a Fan though.

I also still have a few Videos to get done and Upload, but I think that might still take me some Time. It is already Christmas after all.

Winter at the Oderteich.

We also had a little Winter in the Harz already , but that was quickly gone again. I still enjoyed that a lot though, and we might even get a White Christmas, if it does not all turn into Rain.

In the End, 2020 was bad, but it was still kinda bearable. Osterode is a small Town after all, with Nature right at its Front Door.

I still hope 2021 will be better though. We will still have the Pandemic for most of it, I am sure of that, but maybe we will also have learned our Lessons from 2020. One can still be Hopeful.

In Scharzfeld.

All I know is that Life will go on, and that we will always find a Way. No matter how obscure that Way might seem now, maybe it is the right one.

Here is to 2021, may it be a better one than 2020.

And yes, I know that I am kinda repeating my earlier Post about this Year, but I just do not care.

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