So much Snow!

Winter in the Harz is a beautiful Season. There is a lot of Snow, and it looks awesome on the Trees and Mountains. I absolutely love it.

Sadly, we have not had that much Snow this Year. There was pretty much none, except for higher Regions around Torfhaus and the Oderteich.

Snow in the Harz.

Yesterday after Work, I drove up into the Harz to see if there was any Snow. When I arrived in Clausthal, there was none, and I got disappointed.

But when I arrived at Stieglitz Eck, there was a lot of beautiful fresh Snow on the Trees. Sadly, there was also a lot of disgusting Slush on the Parking Lot.

That is a Thing I really do not like about Winter. Snow getting all grey and slimy. That is really annoying.

A slightly Snowy Branch.

Snow is beautiful, but it can also be a little Photographic Challenge. All the White can confuse the Light Metering inside of the Camera and lead to Fotos being extremely Underexposed.

That happened to me yesterday, and it was no Fun to clean up in Post. Especially since I only ever noticed that that had happened on my Laptop.

But I also really like my Fotos. I think Snow and Trees make a really good Combination. And when the Green shows through, it looks even better.

A Path at Stieglitz Eck.

The Harz is always really Full when there is Snow, but I got lucky yesterday. There where only few People actually at the Parking Lot, and I was able to do some Photography in Peace.

It is not that People are a bad Thing, but right now, they also kinda are. There is a global Pandemic going around after all.

But because of the Cold, most People where completely covered up anyhow.

A Snowplough.

I really love fresh Snow. It looks awesome in Nature and also in the City. But when it comes to Roads, I definitely prefer it cleared away. Driving on those windy Mountain Roads really is no Fun when they are also very Snowy.

On the Paths, it definitely needs to be Snowy though. Stomped Snow looks Way better then the grey Slush it turns into after a while of Cars driving through it.

It is also really nice to Walk on, but only when it is not all to icy. Then it can be a bit slippery.


Snow in the Harz really is awesome. It looks great, and it opens up so many Opportunities. You can go Skiing, Sledding and Hiking. And when there is enough Snow, there are many Cross-Country Trails to be Explored.

I have never been Skiing, but Tobogganing and Hiking are great Fun also. I prefer Hiking though, and I also do not own a Sled.

I am really exited for this Winter. Maybe it will actually be a good one.

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