Hochsitze in the Harz.

Recently, Hunting seems to get more popular again here in Germany. And while I am not interested in getting my own License, everything around the Profession is definitely compelling.

Nature Photography and Hunting are actually not all that different in my Opinion. You sit somewhere waiting for some Animal to show and to be able to get your Shot. Just the Tools are different.

DISCLAIMER: I know very little about Hochsitze. Do not quote me. I did my Research, but still. Also, have a great New Year!

A Hochsitz near Osterode.

To wait for their Shot, a lot of Hunters use Hochsitze. And sometimes, they also just sit there and Watch, just like Photographers.

Hochsitze are great. You are sitting off the Ground and are, depending on the Style of Hochsitz, defended from Wind and Rain. And you have a great View of the surrounding Area.

And a good View is always nice.

In Scharzfeld.

There are a lot of Hochsitze in the Harz, but today I saw the most I have ever seen on a short Hike here in Osterode.

Since I really did not want to visit the massively overcrowded Harz and contribute to the Problem that way, I went on my Familys Classic Hike with my Brother. It is only about 5 kilometres, but it is also very beautiful.

And today, we actually got some Snowfall along the Way. I absolutely loved it.

A smaller Hochsitz.

There are many Kinds of Hochsitze. Some are tall and enclosed, and some are more temporary and lower to the Ground.

But of Course there are also Rules regarding Hochsitze. Usually, they belong to a Hunter or a Hunting Association, and off Course you are not allowed to just climb any old Hochsitz without Permission. Some are even locked.

All that, and some very specific Building Codes, come mostly from Insurance Policies. You have to secure your Hochsitz, or you open yourself up to possible retribution should anything happen.

Entering a Hochsitz uninvited is a big No-No. you just should not do that.

Near Altenau.

Hochsitze are really cool. If you ever have the Chance to climb one, do it. But not without Permission by the owner.

If you can not get up one, they still make for great Foto Motives in my Opinion. I think Hochsitze really can look cool.

Especially when their are a bit older and the Wood does not look like it just came from Home Depot anymore. Some Patina is always nice.

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