Travelling in Europe.

I really love Travelling, and in any normal Year I would probably already have a few Ideas going through my head about where to go next.

But since everything is more uncertain than ever, I have no Idea what I will do this Year. But this Post is not about that.

In Utrecht, Netherlands | 2015

Travelling here in Europe is easy, especially for Europeans. There are still many Countries in the European Union, but they all Form one unified Zone. It is known as the Schengen Area.

And what that means is easy to Explain: You do not need any Visa or Permissions to Travel within Europe. And when you come from here, you usually do not even need a Passport. Your National ID Card usually suffices.

That, and the Fact that there are usually no Border Controls, makes it very easy to Explore Europe by Train or by Car.

In Hamburg | 2019

Another Thing is that most Countries in Mainland also use one Currency: The Euro.

Because of that, it is way easier to keep Track of Spending and Budgets as you do not have to Convert any Currencies. Not everyone likes the Euro, but it has made Things better, especially for Travellers.

Off Course that falls away should you Travel to Eastern Europe, Scandinavia or the UK. But since Brexit, that is a whole mother Story anyways.

A Train in Köln. | 2018

Here in Europe, you can also easily leave your Car at Home and take Trains to pretty much anywhere.

Last Year, I had a whole Railtrip through the Netherlands, and it was awesome. I never missed having a Car available there, as there where Busses and Trains going everywhere I wanted to go.

It was actually very awesome, and I would do it again in a Heartbeat.

Rotterdam Blaak | 2019

Off Course not everyone in Europe speaks the same Language. In Fact, there are a lot of distinct Languages, and even Dialects, that can make direct Communication a little Difficult.

Luckily, more and more People are somewhat proficiently using the English Language. I am still an advocate of at least knowing a few Phrases though. Like ‘Tu prata Engelska?’, which means do you speak English in Swedish.

It is rude to expect everyone speaking English or whatever other English you speak.

Somewhere in the Harz | 2020

Travelling in Europe really can be a whole lot of fun, and I am really excited for when it is possible to do so again. But due to the Pandemic, no one knows when that might be. But that is okay. First, we need to get over this anyhow.

But usually, Travelling in Europe is also easy because of Schengen and the Euro. It also helps that we have a well working Rail Network here , so you really do not need to use a Car if you do not want to.

And that is good. Going on Rails is better for the Environment anyways.

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