Back in the Woods.

Back in the 90ies, I pretty much grew up in the Woods that where just beyond my Backyard. Lately, I find myself going there just to walk around a little more often again.

Going there is a lot of fun. The Area is beautiful, and I love it to just go around and remember a few Things here and there.

A Path through the Woods.

My last Hike of the Year 2020 took me and my Brother onto my Family’s standard Christmas Round. And it was amazing.

Today, we took another, longer Path. And it was absolutely awesome. We came past a few Places I actually remembered and even more that I did not. It also snowed a little.

Snow and a Hochsitz.

After a while, we had to decide weather to go back to our Cars or to continue our Walk. In the End, we continued and actually came past the Teufelsloch.

Because all the Leaves had fallen off the Trees there since I last visited, the View of that old Sink Hole was actually any nicer.

The Colour of the Water was als very beautiful and murky today. At Times like these, I can definitely imagine why that Karst Teich was calles the Teufelsloch back in the Day. You really can not see anything beyond the Surface.

The Teufelsloch.

Back in the Day, I had a great Childhood out n Nature. There were a lot of Things to see and do all the Time.

There were Garter Snakes in my Grandma’s Backyard and Deer as well as magnificent Stags and other Wildlife in my own Backyard. But since the Forest was right there, we always spent a lot of Time in there.

I guess that upbringing is a big Part in why I became majorly obsessed with Nature after not caring about it for a while.

Another Path.

I really enjoy it to rediscover those Woods of my Childhood with my Brother lately. Reconnecting with your Roots is always something special, and right now it is kind of Essential as well.

Just thinking about your Future and this still ongoing Pandemic is definitely not the best Thing when it comes to Mental Health. Getting Grounded is just as important as getting on in Life.

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