Yet another Teich.

There are many, some might say countless, Teiche in the Harz. That is especially true around Clausthal and Buntenbock, and so it should be no surprise that I visited yet another Teich I had never been to before today.

After work, I stopped a the Entensumpf near Clausthal. But instead of going there, I crossed the B242 to get to the Hirschler Teich that I had only ever seen from a Distance before.

On the Way to the Teich.

Today, the Area was beautifully covered in Snow, but it was also Foggy. Just behind Clausthals City Limits, there was prett much a White-Out on a Field. Luckily that did not happen on the Road though.

At the Parking Lot, I first had to navigate around some Lumber Transports. There were only a handful of Cars though. And there were even less People on the Trail.

And that was good. I was able to shoot some Video uninterrupted. The Path was also narrow, so it would not have been too easy to pass each other safely.

At the Hirschler Teich.

In the Woods, the omnipresent Fog was pretty much gone. But when I arrived at the Teich, it was back in Full Force. You really could not see all to much of the Water. And that made the Place look just that little bit more Mystical.

I absolutely love it when the Harz shows itself from its magical Side. And that usually happens when there are loads of Fog flowing through the Valleys and sitting on the Teiche.

The Shoreline of the Teich.

Back in the Day, most of the Teiche were built to provide Water and thus Power to the Mining Industry in the Oberharz.

That Water was used to Power all Kinds of Machinery in all Kinds of Waterwheels and and other Parts. The resulting Energy was then used to power Lifts, Hammers and everything else rather Bergmann needed.

Today, the Oberharzer Wasserregal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes the Rammelsberg Mine, Goslar and the old Kloster in Walkenried.

A Picnic Table.

Usually, I would enjoy it a lot to have my Lunch in the Woods. Today, there was to much Snow for that though. And it was also very Cold.

Because of that, I did not spend much Time at the Teich today and instead headed back to the Car after a while. Because I did not want to walk along the Road, I took the same way back that I used to get to the Teich.

Usually, I would prefer to take another Path to be able to see more. But today, that was not really a possibility. It was already starting to get Dark, and I had forgotten my Flashlight at Home.

In the Woods.

When I am out in Nature, I usually prefer it to stay on the prepared Paths so that I do not disturb Nature all to much.

During the Wintertime, and to a lesser extent also in Autumn, those Paths are sometimes hard to spot though. Luckily, there were many Tracks left from the Day and that was no Problem to me.

There still where some muddy Areas I had to avoid though, as I really do not like it to walk through half-frozen Mud. It is really bad when that Stuff gets into your Shoes.

Snowy Tree Trunks.

I had a great Time exploring in this Winter Wonderland today, even though I first took the wrong Path and ended up in a dead end.

Hearing the Snow crunch beneath your Feet is one of the most awesome Feelings there is in Frozen Nature, just after that Ice Echo I so love.

Clausthal is another one of those less visited Places in the Harz. I guess that is because most People associate the Town just with the University. But the Forests around Clausthal are also very beautiful and definitely worth a visit. It does not always have to be Torfhaus.

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