The Prinzenteich & Me.

There was a Time when I did not like the Prinzenteich. It was overrun and overrated. But back in 2019, something changed. I returned to the Prinzenteich and I liked it.

Since then, I have returned many Times. Something always draws me back to the Prinzenteich.

At the Prinzenteich.

Today, the Area was completely covered in Snow. Even the Road. And that actually led to a Problem when I wanted to leave, I almost got Stuck.

But it was also so beautiful that I actually did not really care about that when I arrived. I just was happy about all the beautiful Snow.

The Dam.

Originally, I only wanted to go to the Teich, take a few Fotos and leave again. I only had my Rubber Boots with me, and it was cold inside those.

But I actually stayed longer and even did my traditional little Prinzenteich Round. That Round leads me from the Parking Lot along the Teich, over the Dam and then back to the Parking Lot.

It is a very short Round, but it is also very beautiful. There are massive Trees, there is Water and there then there are more Trees. I absolutely love it.

Trees at the Teich.

Today, the Area was empty. There were a few Cars coming towards me when I arrived, but I only ever saw one Couple and a Dog Walker. It really was that empty.

There was also absolutely no Trash to be found, but I would guess that at least some of that Stuff was beautifully hidden away by all the Snow. That does not make the Problem better, it just covers it up for a while.

The Overflow of the Prinzenteich.

Usually, I do not like the Road that leads to the Prinzenteich. It is narrow and just looks a bit out of Place.

In Winter though, that Changes. Somehow everything looks better with Snow. There is less Traffic on that Road, because it does not get cleared, and that is awesome. People there tend to drive like they are the only ones around on the Autobahn.

With all the Snow, the Road also looks better. Just do not Stop on your way out, or you will get Stuck.

The Road into the Innerstetal.

After finishing my small Round and getting back into the Car to drive Home, I made it out of my Spot without a Hitch.

But when I wanted to drive back onto the Road, nothing would go. I was Stuck. And I pretty much slid all the Way down the Parking Lot until I found a more grippy Spot and was able to get out of there in Reverse.

Before, I had tried to drive out like I usually would. But apparently, going Reverse in the Snow works way better. Instead of pulling on the Tires, all the Weight of the Car pushes them into the Ground that Way. And I was able to actually drive Home.

Along the Dam.

Except for that getting Stuck part and almost Panicking about getting back Home, I had a really good Time at the Prinzenteich. Somehow I always like it there lately.

Before today, I had never been at the Prinzenteich in the Snow, or at least not that I would remember it. I will definitely return though. The Area is just to beautiful. Especially when there is Fog and Snow like there was today.

I am in Love with the Harz, and I always will be. And while that Love does not make me turn a Blind Eye on the Dark Side of the Harz, sometimes it is nice to just Enjoy.

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