Snow, a beautiful Danger.

I really love the Snowy Landscapes here in the Harz, and in Fact all around the World. Snow is beautiful, and sometimes there is precious little of it.

But Snow, pretty much like anything else, also has other Sides to it. Those range from a nuisance to plain out Dangerous.

A beautiful Landscape.

Snow definitely looks good on the Hillsides and Treetops here in the Harz. But I really prefer it to drive on cleared, and if at all possible, dry Roads.

Here, the Problem with Snow is that it drastically reduces the Friction between your Tires and the Road. Without that crucial Grip, Driving can turn more into Sliding. Believe me, I know what I am talking about.

Just a few Days I almost got Stuck at the Prinzenteich, because I had lost all Grip on the Snowy, but also downhill, Parking Lot there. That really was no fun at all.

Off Course you can also just slip yourself, and I believe that has happened to everyone at some Point.

A Snowy Road.

Snow is also very heavy. It is so much denser than the Water it is made off.

All that weight can break Branches, or even whole Treetops off. It can also down Power Lines or collapse whole Buildings. It has all happened before.

But luckily Trees make Sounds when they Break. And while I would not fully Trust that, and look up once in a while in the Woods anyway, I believe I am good. But one can never be to Careful, especially when out Exploring alone.

All Kinds of fallen Trees.

Snow is also pretty good at concealing Wholes in the Ground, like Potholes, and other Tripping Hazards.

It can also form dangerous Cornices along Cliffs and Overhangs. While those can perfectly support their own weight, they usually Collapse under the Load of People. Sometimes even all by them selves.

Than you have an Avalanche, that comes at you or that you are on Top of. So look out where you Step, especially when it is also very Foggy. I have never been a a real White Out, but it has been close. And that is not a nice experience.

Snowy Tres at the Teich.

Snow is be, and I really do not want to ruin the Experience for anyone. I just want you to be vigilant out there, and maybe not drive in the deepest Snow with your Front-Wheel Drive Car.

Also, be careful in the Woods, especially when you are out there all by yourself. It can take some Time until other People come by, and Falling down a Hill or getting hit by a Branch are certainly no awesome Experiences.

Enjoy Winter, and by all means enjoy the Snow. Just do it safely. Also dress for the Occasion and ditch your Sneakers for some sturdy Boots. Adding some Profile definitely helps with Grip.

At a Teich.

If you stay of frozen Teiche, especially when you do not know the Ice Thicknesses and keep clear of dangerously Snow loaded Trees, you should be Safe.

Things can happen in Nature all the Time, but if you are Vigilant and use some Common Sense, there are absolutely no Reasons why you should not be able to enjoy the great Outdoors.

Enjoy this Winter, stay away from Crowds. And most importantly:Stay healthy. And if you visit the Harz, just stay away from Torfhaus. That place is overcrowded every Year, and that is especially Dangerous this Year.*

*I would advise to keep to the Social Distancing Rules everywhere, not just here in the Harz. Let us get through this together, by staying apart.

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