Hiking around Zellerfeld.

Winter is beautiful here in the Harz. There is so much Snow this Year. I really love it.

So off Course I went Hiking with my Family in Zellerfeld today. And it was absolutely beautiful.

A very Snowy Road.

Our Journey started this afternoon, when my Mom picked me up at a Bus Stop here in Osterode.

We then drove towards Clausthal. After a while, we arrived in Zellerfeld and then started our Hike past the Wasserläufer Teich. I have never been there before.

On the Way there, we walked past the local Sledding Hill. There, it was a bit Fuller. But we managed to avoid the Crowds.

At the Teich.

From the Teich, we then headed into the Fields where the Cross-Country Loipe usually would be, but off Course it had not been Carved this Year because of the Pandemic.

Snowy Fields do not make for nice Foto Subjects, there is just to much empty Space. And while I usually like that, I sometimes also do not.

But on the Way, there was a nice little Shed with a beautiful red Snowcat right next to it. That really was a beautiful Subject.

The Shed from afar.

From there, we continued on along the Loipe back into Zellerfeld. Our Path there would take us along more Fields and then through a little bit of Forest.

I really love Snowy Forests, but today you could really see the Branches hanging down under all the Snow that was clinging to them.

That is when I really noticed how heavy Snow really is. Branches can break off all the Time. Stay Safe out there.

Snowy Branches.

After a while, we then arrived back in Zellerfeld after a beautiful Hike through the Countryside.

I really had a great Time with my Family today. Especially in Times like these, it is important to spend some Time with your loved ones.

Stay Safe, stay Healthy.

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