Finding another Teich.

Recently, I really enjoy it to go out and Explore the Harz a little. And today, I decided to visit a Place I usually go do to some Product Photography.

Off Course that Place was super Snowy today. And so I actually was unable to go into the Woods and take some Fotos of that special Spot. I had the wrong Shoes on, and the Snow was deep.

Close to the Spot.

So instead of going right into the Woods on the tiny Path I would usually go along, I just walked along the Street a little.

But since I had the wrong Shoes on, they had no Profile at all, I was very much limited in where I was able to go.

I even struggled to walk on the Road a little. It was just so slippery and icy.

Along the Road.

So after walking along the Nassenwieser Graben for a very short bit, I then decided to slide back to the Car and drive back Home. It really was not the most of Fun Exploring with the wrong Shoes.

But on the Way back from the Spot, I discovered a Teich and just had to Stop and go there. And so I did just that.

I stopped the Car and then walked towards the Teich. Luckily, there where some Tracks that I was able to walk on quite easily, without even slipping once.

On the Way to the Teich.

I had no Idea how that Teich was called. There are just so many Teiche in the Oberharzer Wasserregal, it is pretty much impossible to keep Track of all of them.

There was a big informative Sign though, and so I figured out that I had discovered the Nassenwieser Teich. Actually, it was the Oberer Nassenwieser Teich. But I do not think that there is an Unterer anymore.

Anyhow, like several of the Teiche between Clausthal and Buntenbock, the Nassenwieser Teich gets its Water from the Innerste. It is actually the second Teich that Stream passes through, after the Entensumpf and before the Bärenbrucher Teich.

The frozen Teich.

I really need to return to that Area with my proper Winter Boots. Exploring in the Ice and Snow really is no fun when you constantly have to watch your step.

And that Place really is to beautiful to pass it along after just one visit. That is the a huge part of the beauty of the Harz. You always find something new, even when you thought that you know a Place.

And even when you come from here, there are always new Places to find and Explore. I really love that.

On the Side of the Road.

Despite having brought the absolute wrong Shoes for the Job today, I had a great Time walking around in the Harz and finding a Teich I did not know.

Despite me slipping and sliding around all over the Place, it was great. And I will definitely return to the Nassenwieser Teich to Explore some more, maybe even this Week.

I am sure it will be great.

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