Bring the right Shoes.

Yesterday, I went out to Explore a new Teich after Work. It was awesome, and I had a great Time.

But I also only had my Work Sneakers with me. And that was no good Choice for the Snow and Ice. I was slipping and sliding around way more than I actually walked.

That Snowy Road.

Usually, I have my Winter Boots in the Car so that I can Change. But those needed to be cleaned. It just had to be done.

For the same Reason I did not have my Wellies in the Trunk. They also needed to be cleaned.

And both of them would have been better in the Woods. They both have a nice, grippy Profile. And that is important in the Snow. Just like Winter Tires have more Grip there, so do Winter Boots.

A snowy Striegelhaus at the Wasserläufer Teich.

And I have to admit, I am more sure footed when it is Snowy then when there are Tons of Leaves like there are in Autumn. But just when if wear the right Shoes.

During Work on the other Hand, Sneakers are way better. They are more Comfortable when you have to walk around all the Time. They are also more flexible.

And I really do need some flexible Shoes for my Job.

At the Prinzenteich.

When you go out Exploring, Things are always easier and more enjoyable when you bring the right set of Tools.

Good Shoes/ Boots that fit the Situation are some of the most basic Tools you can have. Boots are good in the Forest, but when you are out Adventuring in the City, Sneakers are your Friend.

With Shoes, it is just with everything else. They have to be right for the Occasion.

In Buntenbock.

But out in the Snow, good sturdy Boots are definitely the right Choice. Especially when they are also nice and Warm.

With the right Gear, Exploring is twice as Fun already. And I really do love it to Explore this Winter Wonderland. It is Awesome.

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