Beni the Stormtrooper

A while ago, I found an old Stormtrooper Keychain in my old Legos. Ever since then, that Thing lives in or on my Backpack.

Sometimes, it is also a lot of fun to take some Fotos with the Stormtrooper. And because everyone/ everything needs a Name, I started to call the Figure Beni the Stormtrooper, or Stormtrooper Beni.

A Stormtrooper in the Snow.

Back in the Day, I never was a huge Star Wars Fan. Until I started to play an old Version of Battle Front with my Brother on his PlayStation 2. That is how long ago that was.

Ever since then, I found Stormtroopers to look extremely cool in their slick white Armour. And they were supposed to be the bad Guys.

But since they never seemed to be able to hit anything, they were quite bad at being bad in my Opinion.

On a Rock.

In the Beginning, I always had to edit out the Key Ring. My little Stormtrooper is a Keychain after all.

After a while, I figured out that I could just unscrew it from the back though. So I have been doing that since then.

The mostly clean look of that Stormtrooper produces a very nice Contrast to most naturely Colours, and I really do love a nice Colour Contrast.

One of the first Fotos I took with Beni.

I also really like the slightly menacing Look of Beni with his Gun. It looks like he is ordering me took look at my Fotos.

When I was younger, I must have coloured in some Areas with a Eding Marker. But since that looked very crude, I removed those Marks with some Nail Polish Remover.

I also cleaned up the slightly yellowed Plastic a little.

Beni lost in the Snow.

I do not take Beni the Stormtrooper out to take Fotos very often, but when I do, I find myself in new Spheres of Creativity.

And since Scale in Star Wars is not really a Thing, with Trees on Kaschyyk and Endor being extremely Huge, I do not really care about that either.

I just have fun taking Fotos of a Toy Keychain Stormtrooper.

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