Three Teiche in one Go.

I find the Oberharzer Wasserregal extremely fascinating. And Teiche are a huge Part of that sprawling Water Management System.

Last Sunday, I was able to Hike around Zellerfeld and the Wasserläufer Teich with my Family. Since there are two more Teiche in that same Area though, I decided to return for a short After-Work-Walk today.

Teich No.1 – The Zechenteich.

At first I had planned to only visit the two new Teiche that I had not yet been to before. So I started with the beautiful Zechenteich.

To get there, I changed my Shoes at the Car and then walked through the Woods for a little bit. I had to dodge a Car, but after just a few hundred Metres I was already at the Dam of the Teich.

From there, I saw some beautiful Horses. But I also realized that just walking around that Teich and maybe also visiting the Waldweben, Teich No.2, would be a very short Journey. In Fact, I figured it to be to short.


So I decided to integrate the Wasserläufer Teich into my short Walk anyhow. And I did not regret my Decision.

The last Time around, the Snow on the Dam was very much compacted from all the People walking across. But today, that was not the Case. And I absolutely loved it.

The Sound of fresh-ish Snow crumbling under my Feet definitely is one of my absolute favourite Sounds of all Time.

At the Wasserläufer Teich. – Teich No.3

From the Wasserläufer Teich, I then made my Way to the Waldweben along the very same Path I took to Zechenteich. In the End, my Journey looked like a Figure 8 in the Activity App on my Phone.

At the Waldweben, I only walked a very small Portion of the Dam. The Snow there was just too Deep, and I did not fancy any of it making its Way into my Shoes. Cold Feet are just not my Thing.

The Teich itself was very beautiful and totally frozen over today. There even were Animal Tracks on the Ice.

The Pegel of the Waldweben. – Teich No.2

From that snowy Dam, I then walked all the Way around the Campground of the same Name.

That Place is mostly closed down, except for the Dauercampers (People rent a Plot for a long Time.), but it is still frowned upon to enter a Campground without Permission.

And I also really did not want to e ter that Place.

Between Teich No.1 and Teich No.2.

Sometimes, I like to play around with my little Stormtrooper. And that is usually quite a bit of Fun.

Today, I brought something different along to Experiment with though. A little Lego Mail Plane that I had scored at the Drugstore just yesterday for only 9.99€. I did modify it a little though.

The best Thing about that Plane is: It comes with Snow Skids. And so I just had to Play around a little and Pose it on those Skids. Off Course, I made some Landing Marks beforehand.

The Plane.

I had a great Time walking around those three Teiche, namely the Zechenteich, the Wasserläufer Teich and the Waldweben and Posing that little Lego Plane today.

Being Creative really while being out in Nature really is my Passion. It is also really Awesome that I am still able to do that with a clear Conscience. I stay away from Crowds after all.

And despite being all alone in the Woods today, I actually wore my Mask most of the Time. Not because I necessarily had to wear it, but because it warmed my Face really nicely. All I had to do was to ditch my Glasses because they fogged up all the Time.

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