The invisible Teich.

I have been at the Hasenbacher Teich quite a few Times so far. I actually like it quite a bit there. And since I wanted to go somewhere today after Work, I just drove there.

As soon as I hit the Weather-Line between Osterode and Clausthal, the Fog began to roll in. Usually, I like Fog. But not when I am driving. Especially in the vicinity of Buntenbock.

At the Path to the Teich.

It was very Snowy on the Path to the Hasenbacher Teich, and the Parking Lot was even worse. I am glad that I parked somewhere else.

It also got Foggier and Foggier the farther I got away from the Road. And I also started to like the Fog more.

But when I arrived at the Teich, it really hit me. If I had not known it was there, I would have seriously doubted myself. The far End of the Teich was pretty much in a Whiteout.

The Whiteout.

It looked very surreal, but also very much breathtaking at the same Time. It is not that I could have seen the Teich under all the Ice and Snow.

But with all the Fog, it really was impossible to make out anything that was further than about 10 Metres away.

I guess it was no real, full on Whiteout, and I definitely would not want to be caught in one again, but it kinda looked like it.

Almost at the Teich.

From the Side of the Teich, the Situation looked a little Different though. You could actually make out some Silhouettes on the opposite Shore.

But I guess that is because the Teich is actually quite Narrow and fairly Long. And off Course things that are closer are easier to Spot in the Fog.

A Tree Stump.

I really love it when Fog and Snow come together in a beautiful Landscape. That really is a nice Combination.

But on the Road, I am really not a Fan of either. I just like it to safely arrive at my Destination too much.

One Time, whilst driving through the Fog near Buntenbock with my Fog Lights on, a Car just came out of an Access Road with absolutely no Lights on. Luckily, there was no oncoming Traffic at the Time.

Trees with Fog behind.

I had a really great Time in the Fog at the Hasenbacher Teich today. It was just so beautiful, even though I barely was able to see the Teich at all.

There was just one litt bit right at the Overflow where you could even see some Ice. But that was because flowing Water rarely freezes over.

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