Colours in the Snow.

Sometimes, I really enjoy it to include some Pops of Colour in my Landscape Photography. It can look really good to have a clearer ‘Subject’ than just the Vista itself.

This is especially True during the Wintertime. White Landscapes are really beautiful, but sometimes some Colour really really makes the Difference.

On Top of the Brocken.

Back in 2019, I took the Brockenbahn all the Way up to Summit of the Tallest Mountain in the Harz. The Weather up there had been Nice for a Change, and we Captured so many Fotos.

At First, I actually did not really like this Foto because of the Red Coat in it. But while trying to edit Him out the Foto, I learned to appreciate the nice Colour Contrast.

Since then, this Foto has actually turned into one of my absolute favourite Winter Fotos of all Time.

The Swedish Hut in Buntenbock.

Recently, I really enjoy it to spend some Time at the Buntenbocker Teiche. The Area is very beautiful, and the Heritage of that Place is very tangible. It is awesome.

I especially like the Ziegenberger Teich with its little Red Swedish Hut. It always makes for a nice Subject, but especially in Winter.

That does not mean that I would not like the Area without it, but it certainly adds to the Charm of the Teich. A little Human Touch is always nice. It makes Places more relatable.

Some Red (and Yellow) at the Waldweben.

Last Friday, I Explored around the Waldweben in Zellerfeld. I had a great Time there taking Fotos of the Area and also of a little Lego Mail Plane. That was a lot of Fun.

While going through the Fotos of the Day to figure which to edit, I also found one beautiful Shot taken from the Dam of the Waldweben with a yellow Dennert-Tanne and also a Red Coated Figure in the Background. So I really got two Pops I one Frame.

I first skipped over the Foto, but since I always go through my Files twice for a Shoot, it came through to the Editing Phase anyhow. And I am definitely glad it did. It looks beautiful.

A Red Speed Limit Sign.

While I really can not Control the Colours I come across while being out in Nature, I definitely prefer the Colour Red. It kinda is one of my Favourites, as you maybe can tell from this Post.

I have always loved Red Things, especially in the Snow. They kinda stand out like the literal Red Herring. During the Summertime I kinda prefer Blues though.

But in the End, I appreciate all Pops of Colour when they add to the Fotos. Sometimes they do, and sometimes a Foto really is better off without that. But it always depends on the Situation.

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