Cutting a Hike short.

A while ago, I started to collect Wandernadel Stempel. But I have not gotten any in a while, mostly because I have most of the Stempelstellen nearby in my Wanderpass.

This Winter, I have started to collect something new though, to have an incentive to learn more about the Harz: Oberharzer Teiche. And I have actually ‘Discovered’ quite a few of them already.

At the Unterer Eschenbacher Teich.

The last Time I was in the Area, there was absolutely no Parking available because of the Snow, so I just drove on to somewhere else.

Today though, the Parking Lot at the Haus-Herzberger Teich was beautifully cleared of most of the Snow with just a thin Layer of it remaining, so I decided to just go for the local Wasserregal-Tour.

To start my Hike, I first had to climb some massive Snow Piles that were left behind after the Area had been plowed, and of Course some got in my Shoes. But that was okay.

At the Parking Lot.

I anticipated most of the Snow to be almost gone on the Rest of the Trail, because there was nothing left on the Trees, but I could not have been more wrong.

It was actually quite thick and a bit slushy most of the Way, and it took me half an Hour to just get down to the Eschenbacher Teich from the Parking Lot because I kept sinking into the Snow. That Part really was no Fun.

But when I got to the Dam, it actually got way better. There was still a lot of Snow there, but it had been trampled pretty much into a solid Layer, so walking on it was quite easy.

The Oberer Eschenbacher Teich.

From there, I then walked along some Houses and up to the Oberer Eschenbacher Teich. There are actually a lot of Teiche with the same Name that are just distinguished by their Location towards each other.

On that part of my Journey, I then decided that I would probably cut my Hike Short at the Stephansstift if the Conditions would worsen again.

And just when I arrived at that Location, they actually did get bad again. No one must have walked that Part of the Wasserregal-Tour in quite a while.

The Oberer Haus-Herzberger Teich.

I did decide to still include both Haus-Herzberger Teiche in my Round though by choosing ,y slightly longer Abort-Route. In the End, cutting my Hike Short really just saved me about 1 kilometre, but that kilometre definitely would not have been Fun at all.

I have been at those Teiche a few Times in the Past, but I had not visited in a while. I can honestly say that they have not Changed at all.

You could even see the Docks of the Waldseebad in the Snow. I have never been Swimming there, but I hear it is supposed to be really nice.

The Unterer Haus-Herzberger Teich behind a Mount of Snow.

After walking along the Unterer Haus-Herzberger Teich I then arrived back at the Car. And while I cut my Hike a little Short today, I actually had a great Time in the End.

The beginning of my Round was bad, but the middle Part was really rewarding and the End did not let me down either. I even got to Witness a little bit of a beautiful Sunset.

Sunset over Clausthal.

Discovering Teiche that have been there for Centuries as a Part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal really is a lot of Fun. I get to be Outside, and I can also learn a bit more about the Harz while doing so.

And while I only ‘found’ two new Teiche today, I had a great Time. Even though I missed out on one more Teich by cutting my Hike Short, I still had a really good Time.

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