Why I like Teiche.

Since the beginning of this Year, I found a new Interest in the Oberharzer Wasserregal and especially in the Oberharzer Teiche. There are a lot of those and they definitely great pieces of Heritage.

They are also Home to many rare Animals and Plants, and that is also awesome. But there are other Reasons why I like the Teiche as well.

The Unterer Eschenbacher Teich.

One of the biggest Reasons why I like the Oberharzer Teiche is that they are usually very beautiful and have an Aura of Tranquility about them.

And sometimes, some Peace and Quiet is all I need when I want to Think. Being in Nature really helps to put Things into Perspective. And being at the Water works even better for me.

Most Teiche are also a little further from Traffic but still relatively easily accessible, and that is also great. Sometimes, I just do not want to Hike for a while before I get where I want to go.

At the Prinzenteich.

Most Teiche, with a few exceptions like the Oderteich, also rarely draw a Crowd. And I really do like that sometimes. Nature usually thrives at those Places.

It is great when there are fewer People around when you want to do Photography. But it is even better when you want to do some Video. Usually, I like People. They can provide some beautiful Pops of Colour.

But sometimes it seems like they are speaking very loudly just because you are there and they want to be noticed.

At the Zechenteich.

All those Reasons are still not the Main Reason why I really love spending Time at the Oberharzer Teiche though.

I love them because it is amazing to Find new ones and to see the sometimes subtle Nuances between them. It is also awesome to revisit a Teich and Explore it in Ways I have not yet Explored them.

I also love them because there are so many Teiche. I have seen quite a few already, but there are so many more that I have yet to Discover.

The Ziegenberger Teich in Buntenbock.

I shave no Idea how many of the Oberharzer Teiche I have already visited, I never kept a List. But I guess I will start one soon. Otherwise I might loose Track.

I really love Teiche and Water in General. But I also love the Heritage that still lives within the Oberharzer Wasserregal through the continued Use of Parts of it for Drinking Water and Electricity.*

The best Way to Honour something from the Past is to still use it in the Present and the Future. And I think the Oberharzer Teiche are a great Example of that.

*Some Teiche are used for Drinking Water by the Harzer Wasserwerke, and the Oderteich provides about 95% of Electricity in St. Andreasberg via Turbines in the Grube Samson, where the only Fahrkunst in the World is still in Operation. Some Teiche are even still classified as Talsperren here in Niedersachsen.

2 thoughts on “Why I like Teiche.”

  1. I had a hard time with “Fahrkunst” but a little research and … a “people pump”! What an inventive way of building an elevator. Of course they had drawn from the designs used to overcome the limit of pumping water – pumping in stages.

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    1. That’s true. But since the Advent of the real Elevator, the Fahrkunst has become very much obsolete. Except for in Places like Grube Samson, where an Elevator does not fit the Mineshaft and also not the World Heritage Aspect. They are quite Dangerous to use though. There is no Catch if you loose your Grip.


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