#TSBTP: An Hamburg Evergreen.

I really do love it to Explore Hamburg from Time to Time, but since Covid struck last Year, that was obviously not a real possibility. So I went through some old Fotos I took there.

Back in 2016, I actually visited Hamburg several Times after not having been for a while. And before I went, I saw a lot of Fotos of that one special Building in the Speicherstadt on Instagram: The Wasserschloss.

The Wasserschloss in March.

I visited the Wasserschloss for the first Time in March of that Year to try to take some Fotos of it.

The Building was beautiful and the Location was pretty much perfect, but I never really was happy with the Light I got back then. I also had absolutely no Ideas about Framing and Composition back then.

The Fotos turned out okay now, after re-editing them to my current Style, but they are definitely not my Favourites.

The Wasserschloss by Night.

In October, I then brought my then new and still dearly loved Tripod with me. Back in 2016, I actually kinda liked it to use Tripods.

When I started to set up for Shooting, there was one other Photographer, but he was just leaving. And so I decided to try out multiple different Compositions.

One of my favourite Compositions.

Sometimes, the Wasserschloss was Centred, and sometimes it was not. I really had a great Time back in 2016 figuring out what I liked and what I did not like.

My favourite Foto of that Day turned out to be one where the Wasserschloss itself is not actually in Focus itself but merely serves as a Backdrop for some Padlocks hung on the Bridge I was shooting from.

The Wasserschloss from the Fleet.

Back in 2019, on my last Visit to Hamburg so far, I then actually walked by the Wasserschloss on the Street-Side with a Friend, I then found out that there is a beautiful Tea Shop in the Building.

That Shop was Shut when we walked past though, and I never got the Chance to actually walk in and buy me some delicious Tea.

I am looking forward to do that once it is possible and safe to Travel again, if they survive this Pandemic.

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