The great Outdoors.

I really love it to Explore Nature, Find Teiche and see Trees. And all that are Part of one Thing: The great Outdoors.

Being Outdoors really is the best Thing there is. There are Rivers and Animals, Trees and other Plants. I really do love all those beautiful Things.

At the Nassenwieser Teich.

I absolutely love it to go out and Explore Nature, be it all by myself or with my Family or some Friends. Being able to Discover new Things and learn about Animals and Stuff really is awesome.

Nature really is the best, and I am kinda obsessed with it. Sadly, there are a lot of People who just do not Care as much as I do.

They trample Plants and leave Trash everywhere. They have little regard for anything but them selves, sometimes without even realizing their wrongdoing.

A Branch in the Snow.

Lately, I am also quite obsessed with Finding Teiche here in the Oberharz. It is awesome to be able to Explore the vast Heritage. And those Teiche also happen to be Outdoors.

That is a real Win-Win for me. I get to be in the open Air and learn new Things at the same Time. It is always great to learn something about your Home Area that you did not know before.

Before getting into the Oberharzer Wasserregal, I never knew how Widespread the System actually is, and I really do love that.

A Graben in Clausthal.

The great Outdoors is so much more than Nature and Teiche though. It is also Forests and Trees. It is babbling Brooks and streaming Rivers. It is awesome and all around us.

I absolutely love the great Outdoors.

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