Snow in the City.

We had Snow up in the Harz since quite a while now, and it is absolutely beautiful. And yesterday, it finally started to Snow down here in Osterode as well. And it actually stuck.

It is not that we did not have Snow down here before, but it was usually gone as fast fast it came and usually only lingered around on the Roofs a little while longer.

Snow in Osterode.

Today, it actually snowed quite hard here in Osterode on my Way Home from Work. I actually had to change into my Boots because the Roads became to slippery for my Sneakers.

But that was okay, I always carry a Pair in the Trunk of my Car. It is always a good Idea to have some Spare Shoes with you, especially when you like it to Explore like me. With little regard for the cleanliness of your Shoes.

Today, it snowed so much that People were barely able to keep up. And the Streets really did look beautiful for a while. But since I live in Germany, most of the Snow was cleared away after a while.

In Osterode.

I really love Snow in Nature, but Snow in the City can also look very good. It is the kinda similar, but it is also very different.

Fachwerkhäuser are really beautiful at all Times of the Year, but Snow actually adds to that Flair somehow. I do not know what it is, but the inherent warmth of the Fachwerk pairs nicely with the cold of the Snow.

It can also be a lot of Fun to just watch People struggling along slippery Roads. I kinda like that, it is like America’s Funniest Home Videos sometimes.

Snowy Roofs.

Snow in the City also poses its unique Challenges though. Streets get slippery, and they are always less grippy than Hiking Trails when Snow is involved.

There can also be Rooftop Avalanches, and those are definitely Dangerous. A Friend of mine got knocked on the Head by one a while ago and suffered a quite severe Concussion. Frozen Water really is quite heavy.

I have actually witnessed several Rooftop Avalanches from Room, they do sound awful, like all the Roof Tiles are falling off my Roof.

Snow at the Kornmarkt.

Overall, I actually quite like Snow in the City. But I will always prefer it Outdoors in Nature. Powdered Trees just look way better than Slushy Roads and Squares.

I definitely prefer it to walk along Snow-Free Pavements. It does not matter how much Snow you clear away or how much Profile your Shoes have, asphalt is always kinda slippery in Winter.

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