People in Landscapes.

I really love Landscape Photography. It is great to be able to Explore the World and take beautiful Fotos of it at the same Time.

But sometimes, a simple Landscape just does not cut. Sometimes, just a beautiful Vista just is not enough. That is when colourful Accents come into play. But sometimes, People can do even better.

Two Guys at the Nassenwieser Teich.

In my Photography, People never play a huge Role though. They merely serve as Accessories to a Landscape. People show live and Scale.

And sometimes, that is just what a Foto needs to be transformed from a good one to a great one. Trees are great, but Human Elements make Things more relatable.

People tend to imagine themselves in a Place more when there are other People in the Fotos they look at. And in that Case, their Size in the Landscape really does not matter.

A colourful Coat.

Usually, People wear Clothes when they go outside. And sometimes, those Clothes can have various Colours instead of the usual Black. That Way, People can easily provide a Foto with the afore mentioned Pops of Colour.

And while I usually do great without, sometimes a little bit of Colour is everything a Foto needs. Sometimes, it is the other way around though. It always depends on the Scene.

A Landscape without People.

Usually, I prefer my Landscapes without People in them though. It is my Goal to show of the Natural Beauty of the Places that I get to visit.

When I go out Exploring, I usually do that by myself so that I can do my Photography without being rushed along, but sometimes, that is exactly what I need.

It can really boost my Creativity to be rushed along. Sometimes, it really makes Things harder when you have all the Time you want to have. Exploring with Family or Friends is always nice.

Some far-away People.

Landscape Photography really is awesome, and it does not Matter if there are People in the Fotos as long as they are beautiful just by themselves People can add to the Scene. But sometimes, they also do not.

As long as they are just Extras to the Scene, it really makes no real Difference. For environmental Portraits, People are off Course necessary, but I rarely get to do Portraits these Days.

And I do, I usually can not share those Fotos.

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