Whenever you go out Exploring in the Harz, you might stumble upon a plethora of Signs and Plaques. Some of those tell you the Way, while others teach you about the History of any given Place.

You might also come across a yellow and green Tree-shape with a black Border and black Letters on it. That is a Dennert-Tanne. Those tell you what once has been at the Place you are standing at.

A Dennert-Tanne at the Zechenteich.

According to my Research on the Dennert-Tanne, the first one popped up in Clausthal somewhen around October 1949, and that is quite a while ago.

The Signs were named after Oberbergrat Herbert Dennert, who was an outspoken Proponent of preserving the Oberharzer Wasserregal and other Heritage Sites relating to the Oberharzer Mining Industry.

Nowadays, there are Dennert-Tannen relating to all kinds of other Things. Some even commemorate People like Nobel Laureate Robert Koch who finished High School in Clausthal back in 1862 and became a renowned Medical Scientist later on in his Life.

The Windgaipel-Tanne.

In the beginning, Dennert-Tannen were made from wood and then painted Yellow with a green Rim. Afterwards, a black Guard was added around the Corners to protect the Signs from Water Damage.

Until 1981, Dennert researched and wrote the Texts for the Trees himself. Since then, the Oberharzer Geschichtsverein takes care of more than 200 of those Plaques.

Nowadays, new Dennert-Tannen and Replacement made from Plastic or Aluminium for Reasons of Longevity in the rainy Harz.

Another Dennert-Tanne.

Original Dennert-Tannen can be discerned from Harzklub-Tannen by the Signage that comes before the Text.

Dennert-Tannen sport a Schlägel und Eisen (Hammer and Pick), some common Mining Tools back in the Day, while Harzklub-Tannen Sport the Seal of the Community they are within.

In some Areas, Dennert-Tannen are less Common though. Like at the Nassenwieser Teich, where there are normal Shield-Shaped Signs that just sport a Print of the Tanne at their Bottom.

At the Waldweben.

I really like Dennert-Tannen. They give a Sense of what lies below the Ground and even more so of what would have been in a Place back in the Glorious Mining Days.

Dennert-Tannen also look really good in my Opinion. Their Yellowness stand out quite a bit in the usual Green of Nature. And I really love me a beautiful Pop of Colour from Time to Time.

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