The other Wasserläufer Teich.

Recently, I really enjoy it to Find Teiche here in the Oberharz. There are so many of them, and each and every one is really Beautiful and filled to the Brim with Heritage.

Today, I visited two new Teiche just out of Clausthal. The Johann Friedrich Teich and the Wasserläufer Teich. I have been there before, but not in a long Time.

The Wasserläufer Teich.

Sometimes, there are multiple Teiche with the same Name in one Place. Usually, those are them distinguished by their Location towards one another. Like the Oberer and Unterer Semmelwieser Teich.

But with the Wasserläufer Teich, it is completely different. One sits in Zellerfeld, and the other in Clausthal. And the Distance between them is quite considerable. It is 3.5 kilometres in a straight Line, but you would have to walk about 4.5 kilometres between the two because of how the Roads are layer out.

I have no Idea why both those Teiche have the same Name, one was built before 1565 and the other around 1659. The one in Clausthal is the older one.

The Path to the Teiche.

But I did not only visit the Wasserläufer Teich today. I also came across the Johann Friedrich Teich. And while that one is definitely beautiful, it also sits right next to a Kleingarten Siedlung.

That is a small Area of Gardens with Sheds where People grow Vegetables and such. I am not very familiar with the Concept though.

A Snowman.

Apparently, the Ice on the Johann Friedrich Teich has been thick enough to carry People not all to long ago. Someone had even built a little Snowman on the Ice. But since it has been a bit Warmer, I did not want to try my Luck.

Sadly, because that Snowman does not have a Carrot Nose, any Buttons or any Clothes, you can not see it that well in Fotos.

I only noticed it in real life because there where Tracks on the Teich that were definitely to big to be Animal Prints.

Towards Clausthal.

Since it was very Windy and, in typical fashion, I did not bring my Toque, I left the Teich quite soon though. It also looked like it was about to Rain, and that Combination really is no fun in Winter.

Finding those two Teiche was a lot of Fun today anyhow, and I am able to add them to my List now.

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