Train Station Photography.

Sometimes, I like it to include People in my Landscape Photography. But when I am out Exploring a City and there are no classic Landscapes around, I also likely do some Street Photogaphy from Time to Time.

Sometimes, I am just waiting for a Train though, and then I call Street Photography Train Station Photography, that is also a lot of Fun.

Köln Messe-Deutz | 2018

People in Train Stations are completely Different than those in Nature or even those in the Rest of the City.

People there usually are in a hurry to catch their Train, or they look at Timetables and their Phones to get some Information or just to Pass some Time until their Trains arrive.

Someone waiting in Dortmund.

I absolutely love it to watch watch People in Train Stations. And sometimes, I just can not help my self not to take any Fotos of them.

But usually, I try to have them facing away from me or to have their Faces otherwise obstructed fo Privacy Reasons. That is actually one Thing I like about Masks in Public Transit. Pretty much everyone has to wear one.

Travellers staring at their Phones are also great Subjects though. They always have their Heads down and stare into nothing like their Lives depend on it. For my Style of Street Photography, that is absolutely great.

Train People.

Another Thing I really like is the Contrast, but also the Harmony between People and Trains. Those huge Machines really do fascinate me. And all they are meant to do is to carry People around to wherever they want to go.

But off Course those Trains need Drivers to get them going and Conductors to control Tickets and help Travellers with their Questions and also if there are Delays. And there are bound to be some Delays along the Way.

Those Train People can also make for great Subjects, but they do not come along that often.

Waiting for the Train to Stop.

My favourite Situation is when the Train pulls into the Station but has not completely stopped just yet. People then usually start to get ready to board the Train or to find their Coach if they have a Seat Reservation.

And since there are usually fewer Travellers the later the Train is scheduled, or right now because of the Pandemic, it is easier to get nice Fotos then.

I just prefer it to have fewer People in my Fotos so that I can make sure that they are posed in a GDPR-Compliant manner. That means no Faces and no such Things as Name Tags and similar Stuff. Or at least that is how I understand that Rule. Sometimes I bend it a little though.

A while ago in Rotterdam. | 2019

Train Station Photography really can be a great Way to skip some Time while waiting for a Train to arrive. I absolutely love to do that sometimes, but always in Black and White. That just looks a little better in my Eye.

Maybe I should do some Street Photography a litt more often.

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