Snowy Streets.

Today, we had a lot of Snowfall here in Osterode. And that meant that I had to shovel my Part of the Sidewalk. I did not like that, because my Shovel always snagged on the Cobblestone, but it had to be done.

Afterwards, I wanted to go around a little bit and Explore in the Snowfall though. Osterode was really beautiful today.

Snow falling in Osterode.

But since I also had my Camera with me, I decided to just go ahead and do a little snowy Street Photography on the Spot.

Lately, I have a lot of Fun doing that from Time to Time. It is definitely not my strongest Suit, but I think that I am not the worst at it either.

Also, my Street Photography is kinda different. People usually do not actually play the main Role. The Streets do that. And they are very good at that. Especially with all the Snow.

Near the Church.

It is not that I do not like People Photography, but Osterode was pretty much completely empty today. And having only small Figures in my Fotos kinda emphasizes that Emptiness.

It also allowed me to have more of that beautiful, yet somewhat annoying Snowfall in my Compositions. And I was able to show off more of those real nice Fachwerkhäuser. I really do love Fachwerkhäuser.

They convey some Sense of Warmth and Heritage. And that is really awesome.

Also at the Church.

We actually got lucky with the Snowfall here in Osterode. There was more Chaos in other Parts of Niedersachsen, and most Trains were actually suspended because of frozen Switches and Snow Drifts.

But since there was Snow pretty much everywhere, there actually were very few People driving up into the Harz, so the Situation there seems to have been pretty much normal so far.

After walking around for a short While, I then had to clear the Snow from my Sidewalk again though. It just kept snowing all the Time, after all.

My favourite Street Corner.

Sometimes, Street Photography is a lot of fun. I prefer to do it in Black & White though. That just looks a little more Classy in my Opinion.

Also, as I have said before, my Street Photography is kinda different. There are no Faces most of the Time, and People are usually not even the Main Focus of my Fotos.

The Street is very good at being the Subject all by itself, but a little Life always looks good and can really help the Story along.

Also near the Church.

GDPR kinda makes Street Photography different. Even though it is still very ich Legal, there is always weird feeling in the back of my Head. That is another Reason why People only play a minor Role in my Fotos.

Anyhow, Street Photography can be a lot fun. And sometimes, it actually is.

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