More Snow.

Yesterday, it started Snowing quite a bit here in Osterode. In fact, it never really stopped until a few Hours ago. There was so much Snow, I had to shovel multiple Times, and it just kept on coming.

And while I certainly enjoyed the Beauty of this Winter Wonderland, it definitely also caused some Problems. Apparently, a Truck blocked a Road and there was a little Chaos. But that was around 7am, so I did not notice that.

A little Snow-Tractor.

The City was not really able to keep up with keeping the Roads clear, and driving to Work to deposit some Pfandflaschen was not a lot of fun. It is definitely advisable not to Drive if you do not have to.

It also took me quite a while to get my Windshield Snow-Free. There were a good 20 to 30 Centimetres on it. That is around 8 to 12 I Che’s of Snow. And it was everywhere.

On the Way back Home.

After coming back Home from Work and clearing the Snow once again, I then decided to go on a quick Walk around Osterode. And the Situation was extremely Snowy everywhere, but the Marktplatz had been plowed somewhen in between. There was way less Snow there than anywhere else in the City.

But I did not only go for a Walk today. I also bought me some new Tea. And after I did that, an urge to do some more Street Photography came over me. And that was a lot of Fun. In Fact, that Urge already came on my Way back from where I had parked the Car.

I also did some Videoing, but that still needs to be edited, and that usually takes me a while. My Laptop just is not the fastest anymore, but I do not expect anything extreme from it anyways. It is almost 7 Years old after all.

Walking through Osterode.

I have no Idea what it is, but the Thing that makes Street Photography look great in Black and White also works very well with Snowy Street Photography. It is really awesome.

Also, all those Streaks of Snow coming though the Frame really do look beautiful. They also obscure a few Things nicely. Like Signs. Or ugly Spots on Buildings, of which there are a few.

A snowy Waagestraße.

Today actually was a beautiful Day, even with all the Snow that I had to shovel away. I had a great Time just Walking through Osterode taking it all in. It was actually Awesome.

Doing some more Street Photography today was also really nice. I just love it to Showcase Live here in Osterode and elsewhere lately.

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