Colourful Osterode.

Lately, I really love it to do Black and White Streset Photography in the Snow here in Osterode. It really is a lot of fun to Walk around the City and take Fotos while there is Snow falling all around you.

Today, I have been in a different Part of Town though, and editing everything Monochrome just did not feel right. So I did some Colour Photography again. Because sometimes, it just has to be in RGB.

A blue Car in Osterode.

Some Things just do not come across when there is no Colour. Like golden Light. Or dirty Snow on the Streets. I really do not like dirty Snow.

Our World is just to Colourful to be limited to Black and White all the Time. Street Photography as an Art Form looks better and more Timeless that Way in my Opinion, and Monochrome definitely has its Place in my Portfolio.

But I just love Colours to much.

Along the Scheerenberger Straße.

In every City, there is also some Nature. And Nature always looks better the Way it is meant to be. Full of Colours.

I also do realize that it is still Winter, and that the Snow swallows a whole lot of those Colours. In Fact, it continued snowing pretty much all Day today. But Nature just does not look right in Black and White.

Usually, Cities also have a lot of Dirt and Grime, at least in certain Areas. And while that also gets covered up by the Snow, but it also comes through. Especially on those Roads.

Towards the Marktkirche.

Here in Osterode, it has pretty much snowed all the Time since Saturday. And like everywhere in Niedersachsen, there were some Problems. We did not have any Major Accidents so far, but Driving right now really is no Fun at all.

I have never really liked driving during the Wintertime, even though I did my License in the Snow. It is just always a very slippery Situation, and not everyone can handle the Snow.

In Fact, it sometimes seems that People have absolutely no Idea of how to Drive in bad Conditions. They usually just do not really care and just go the Speed Limit, no matter the cost. It is actually a little scary sometimes. I am not that much better though. But at least I slow down when I notice that I have no Grip.

At least a lot of the Main Roads here in Osterode have been cleared by now. But off Course there is still quite a bit of Snow on there. Snow Plows would probably have to be replaced daily if they would have their Shield ps right on the Street.

Hills of Snow.

Even though I definitely had the wrong Shoes on for the Conditions today, I managed getting through Osterode and doing some Photography Scott-free. I slipped a few Times, but I was always able to catch myself.

And I definitely had a lot of Fun today, in Colour.

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