At the River.

These past few Days, I mostly Explore here in my Hometown of Osterode because of all the Snow that we are having here. I just do not feel very Comfortable driving through it.

Today, I even walked to Work because my Car was completely covered up and also blocked in by a Wall of Snow. It was just faster that way.

Almost at Work.

And Work is not that far away from Home anyways. It is just about 2 kilometres, so maybe I will walk there more often in the Future.

Osterode is pretty much divided into multiple Parts by some Roads and the small River Söse. On my Way to Work I walked along that River, and even crossed it, for a good Portion of my Way.

And it looked extremely beautiful. There was a lot of Ice and Snow, but there were also masses of Water gushing down Canal. Or at least it was quite a bit for the Söse. But I guess it is going to be more with all that Snow we have been having once it hits Springtime.

Along the Söse.

On my Way to Work, I obviously did not have much Time to do Photography. I had also massively underestimated how long it would take me to get there. I had only ever walked that Walk without any Snow around.

But it was actually really refreshing to go there. After Work, I was a little exhausted though and initially wanted to take the Bus back home, only to realize that all Service was still suspended because of the Snow.

And so I walked back Home. In Hindsight, that was also a really good ‘Decision’. I got to do some Photography along the Way.

One of my favourite Buildings in Osterode (with the Tower).

Today, most main Streets were actually nice and relatively Snow-Free. But off Course most small side Roads were not. And that is where walking got a litt harder for me.

I have no Idea what it is, but I always get a little unsure when I can not really see what I am stepping on. That is no Fun at all.

Close-ish to Work.

Walking to Work was a really nice Experience today, and I am sure that I am going to repeat it more often from now on. Even though I had to strap my Work Shoes to my Backpack, it was really nice to spend some Time at the fresh, cold Air this Morning.

I also liked the Snow, but I am definitely ready for warmer Weather now. I do love the Cold, but it is Freezing right now, at about -10 Celsius (14F).

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