The Cold.

Right now, it is Winter here in Germany. And I do not mean the Season. I am talking about the Snow. And the Ice. And yes, I am also talking about the Cold. And I usually love the Cold.

For me, a nice Cold Day always beats out an overly Hot One. I am just not made for Temperatures over 30° Celsius. That is just to much for me.

Close to Work.

But lately, with Temperatures dropping to below -15°, sometimes reaching even lower at Night, I am now also aware of the huge Drawbacks that come with the Cold.

Pipes freeze, Car Batteries die and it is generally unpleasant to be outside, especially when you do not Dress for the Occasion. Or when you underestimate Wind Chill.

The lowest Temperatures I ever experienced were just around -30° a while ago in Sweden. Back then, I really loved the Cold. Especially since it was around +30° in the House.

A while ago in Sweden.

When I experienced my first, and so far last, Canadian Winter back in 2014, it also got very Cold. During the Daytime, that was really awesome. But at Night, it was also a bit annoying.

I usually prefer to have my Windows open at Night, but that was just no Option back then.

We also had to clear a lot of Patio Drains that constantly froze over to avoid the Basement being flooded by Icy Cold Water. That would have been really bad.

Here in Osterode.

Right now, I am definitely not a big Fan of the Cold though. Because of the Weather, I did not use the Car since Monday. And I am pretty sure that it would not even turn on right now.

No Battery, especially when it is as old as my Battery, survives such low Temperatures for that long. I guess I will need to recharge it, or possibly even get a new one when it gets warmer again.

Also, there is probably a lot of Snow on Top of that Thing. I think I will brush that off soon-ish.

The local Bus Station.

The only upside that leaving the Car behind is that I get to walk to Work, and I really enjoy that right now. But there is also not that much to do right now, that will change again in the Summer though.

But for now, I am going to close my Window and put the Heat on. It is really cold outside.

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