My Foto History.

I still remember when I got my first Camera. It was a shoddy 35mm Point and Shoot, but I absolutely loved it. I think believe was when I turned six or seven Years old.

I got that Camera for my Birthday back then, my my first Roll of Film was done before the Day had ended. After that, I had many other Point and Shoots, as well as a few Disposables.

Croatia back in 2012.

After a while, and after braking my first Self-bought SONY Cybershot by Accident, I then turned pretty much exclusively to my iPod Touch. And that Camera sucked bad.

So I wished for a new one, mostly to take it on my Year in Canada, for graduating from High School. The Camera I got was great, and I would get one again if I had to, but it ended up in a Lake in Algonquin Park.

That did not kill the Camera though, it just lost its built-in GPS Functionality. And the Flash burned out, not that I used that much anyways. That Camera is dead now though. It shorted out about two Years after its Dunk.

At Little Joe Lake.

After getting Home from Canada, I still used that Camera for a while until I got my first DSLR. That was on Christmas Eve 2015.

That Camera also reignited my love for Photography in a way that just had not been there for a while. I also started to take the Hobby more seriously, also starting to edit my Fotos after discovering RAW Files.

Before that, I only ever was able to shoot JPEG, and that was very limiting for any Post Processing.

Köln in 2016.

After just about three Years of using that Camera, I started to feel really limited by it though. Its Optical Viewfinder was getting old, and the Video Autofocus was just atrocious. I wanted something new.

And so, in October 2018, after deciding what kind of Camera I wanted at Photokina in September, I got my first Mirrorless Camera. And I still love that little Thing.

It did not really change my Photography, but it made it easier to get those Fotos I always wanted to get. It also taught me that the Photographer is way more important than their Gear though.

I still feel that it was a good Decision though, and I got the Camera as a gift, after all.

One of my favourite Fotos. 2019.

Over all those Years since my first Point and Shoot, I went through different Cameras, both Film and Digital. I have learned a lot, and I have made some Mistakes.

But overall, my Love for Photography just kept on growing, and it still does. Expressing myself through Creativity in Nature really is awesome. Street Photography is also a lot of fun.

And I am definitely going to continue my Journey, wherever it may take me.

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