Stuff in my Bag.

I absolutely love it to go out and Wander around doing Photography. I also walk to Work a lot recently. And for both those Things, having a Backpack is pretty much Essential.

Sling Bags are also good, but not really meant for Lon Distance Stuff. Those are better for Inter-Office Travel or when you just go to Work with the Bus or the Train.

I also tend to carry around way to much Stuff for a Sling Bag. Especially when I also buy some Groceries after Work. And Backpacks definitely distribute the Load more evenly.

My current Backpack.

But since this is less about what kind of Bag I am using and more about the Stuff in it, let me cut to the Chase.

First Things first: Since there still is that massive annoyance going on World Wide, I pack some Single Use Masks and Hand Sanitizer as well as my usual Stuff.

Here in Germany, we have to use Medicinal Masks or N95s if we want to go to the Grocery Store or take any Public Transportation. But that is okay with me, and Numbers suggest it kinda Works.

At the Söse in Osterode.

But now for the good Stuff: Off Course I have my Camera and some Batteries as well as SD Cards in my Bag. What Lenses I take usually depends on my Mood, but lately I mostly bring my 22mm and my 18-55mm.

The 22mm is a beautiful Lens and that other Thing really is just your average Kit Lens. It is nothing Spectacular but it also does not suck to bad. And it gives me a lot more Reach.

Sometimes, I then also bring my 10-18mm Lens, but since I am not going into the Woods right now, I do not have that much use for it currently.

At the Teich.

I have not collected any Wandernadel Stamps lately, but I still carry around my little Hiking Folder. That is mostly because I also have Pens and a little Notepad in there. And it literally does not take a lot of Space.

And I have a small Fabric Shopping Bag in there, too.

Since it is still very Snowy here in Osterode, I also have a Pair of Sneakers dangling from my Bag. It is just easier to walk to Work in my Boots. I just feel safer using those.

Beni the Stormtrooper.

Aside from some Knick Knacks, that is actually all I have in my Backpack. And if I do not bring Home any Groceries, there is actually quite a bit of free Space in there.

That is nice though, as it saves me quite some Weight.

Oh… and I forgot my little Stormtrooper. That Thing is always in one of my Bags.

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