Does Gear Matter?

Some People still think that the Camera makes the Foto and all the Photographer does is to push a Button. Other believe that a better Camera will automagically led to them become the best in the Field.

Spoiler Alert: It does not. But what do I mean with that. Surely better Gear makes a Photographers Job easier? And why do none of the ‘Pros‘ use cheap Cameras then?

The Answer is easy and complicated at the same Time. So let us get to it.

My Camera in the Woods.

Off Course having sharper Lenses or Cameras with a higher Dynamic Range or better Noise Performance makes things easier. Especially when you shoot RAW and also edit your Fotos, which you totally should.

But all those Things do not matter at all without any Knowledge of the Basics of Exposure and Composition. Both of those come over Time, but only through learning. And then more Learning.

No Camera can really do the Job for you. And neither should it.

A frozen Twig.

As to higher End Cameras: Image Quality often does not Change that much between Cameras of the same Manufacturer nowadays. And that is also not why they sell those nice Bodies.

Here, it comes more to reliability. A Wildlife Photographer out in the frozen Tundra needs to be able to 100% trust his Gear.

Losing Fotos because the one SD Card in your Camera fails is an absolute No-Go in such Situations. That is why there are Dual Card Slots.

Also, those Prograde Cameras are usually way sturdier and mostly made from Metal instead of Plastic.

A Colourful Street Foto.

There is one Area where Money has a more direct Impact on your Fotos though. And that is Lenses. Sure, modern Kit Lenses do not suck, but they also will never rule the World of Sharpness.

Pricier Lenses have better Glass and much better Construction. Manufacturers still put some Pride in they High-End G-Master or L Lenses after all. And it usually shows.

But apart from that, Gear does not matter. It can make a slight Difference though.

Near Festenburg.

What makes the most Difference between a Foto and a Snapshot, a Photographer and an Amateur, is not Gear. It is Skill and Knowledge.

The best Camera will look like a Potato if the Person behind it does not know how to use it. The best Lens can not be Sharp if they do not know how to Focus.

No Camera will make anyone a better Photographer if they do not go out and learn. Theory is good, but nothing beats making Mistakes in the Field and then getting better because of those Mistakes.

But everyone needs to make their own Mistakes to become a good, or even great Photographer. No one can do that for you. Especially not your Gear.

2 thoughts on “Does Gear Matter?”

    1. 100% true. I once saw a guy with a then new 5D III, and his Fotos really were bad. And then I saw someone else with a Phone, and their Fotos looked great. It is all about the Photographer.


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