How I do Street Photography.

Sometimes, I really like Street Photography. It can be a lot of Fun just to walk around watching People and doing taking some Fotos at the same Time.

In my Street Photography, People usually do not Play the Main Role though. For me, that Place belongs to the actual Streets themselves. Also, I do not like it when People are all to recognizable. That kinda ruins the Immersion.

A while ago in Osterode.

I usually also prefer it to have fewer People in Frame, because than I can check for my Rules better.

I also prefer longer Focal Length, around 50-85mm. I know Lens Compression really is no Thing at all, but I kinda prefer the perceived Compression that I get at those Focal Lengths.

Light & Shapes.

Since I prefer to do Street Photography in Black and White. Because of that, Lights and Shapes are the only Tools I have to shape my Fotos.

I really like parallel Lines and harsh Lighting. Those always look great without any Colour.

Some nice Shadows are also nice, and they make a Monochrome Foto kinda come to life.

In Rotterdam.

Another Thing that I really like is to showcase modern Society by having People playing on their Phones or using modern Transportation in my Fotos.

I doubt any of my Fotos will ever make it into the History Books, but I honestly do not care. If they do, I will never know anyhow.

But it is a lot of Fun to Capture what we are all doing and maybe look back on it later. I really like that Idea.

Harsh Light in Osterode.

Sometimes, I really like Street Photography, but I doubt it will ever become my Main Shooting Style. There are just so many other Things I prefer, mostly Landscape Photography. That is really awesome as well.

But when I do Street Photography, I will do it my Way. Documenting Life in Black and White.

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