In the Bremketal.

Today was a really beautiful Day. The Weather was nice, and I got to go on a little Hike in the Bremketal with my Mom. It was awesome.

Hiking is always a nice Thing to do. Hiking with your Family is even better though. And do not worry, all current Rules were followed.

A Tree with a Nose.

We started our Journey back Home, making our Way up through Freiheit and past the local Schützenhaus. That Portion of our Hike was a Steep as always, but we managed.

From there, we then took the Path down into the Bremketal and through there, back to Osterode.

A few Years ago, I actually walked that Walk quite often, but that faded over Time. I had not been since I last Hiked there back in 2019, also with my Mom.

The Bremke.

Off Course, the Bremketal got its Name from something. And in this Case, it comes from the Stream of the same Name.

Back during World War 2, polluted Waste Water from Werk Tanne was partially routed through the Bremke and then into some Wells near Lasfelde. The Groundwater there is most definitely still very much polluted with the remnants of TNT Production.

And there are also some Concrete Ruins somewhere in the Area that were used to move that Water. I have not seen those myself yet though.

In the Bremketal.

Just as in the Harz, there was pretty much no Snow at all left over here in Osterode. And just last Week Temperatures were down to -20°C. And that is very Cold. Around -4°F for our American Friends.

That caused some Problems around the Harz though, and I am definitely glad that it is starting to get warmer again.

Also, I am really Happy that I did not need a new Battery for the Car. It started almost fine yesterday. That was really nice.

A muddy Forestry Road.

But because all that Snow had melted just this Week, there was also a lot of Mud everywhere. I was no fan of that. Especially since I accidentally found a hole with my Foot and took a muddy Dive.

We were almost back Home by then though, so it was not all to bad. And some Strangers even offered to Help. That does not happen all to often these Days.

Some locked off Structure.

Hiking through the Bremketal with my Family was a really nice break today. The Sun was out, and it was actually kinda Warm. I guess I can change into a thinner Jacket again tomorrow.

That is going to be nice. I am not the biggest Fan of heavy Coats.

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