The Teich was still Frozen

I love it to go out into the Harz and Explore. And sine Weather has gotten way better since last Week, when it was freezing Cold, and the Car does not need a new Battery after all, I decided to do exactly that.

I also really like it to Find Teiche. And since I was not really sure of where in the Harz I should go, I just went back to the Stadtweger Teich. I have been there before, but I kinda like the Place.

The Stadtweger Teich.

Off Course, there was not much Snow left behind pretty much anywhere. I has gotten up to 15°C today after all.

But Water usually takes way longer than Dirt to warm up, and so the actual Teich itself, as well as the Mühlenteich below it, where still mostly frozen over. I would not go on that Ice anymore, it probably has lost a lot of its structural Integrity.

And falling into and Icy Cold Teich is definitely not good for anyone. Especially when there are no People around to call Emergency Services.

Down at the Mühlenteich.

I have been at the Stadtweger Teich before, but it was especially beautiful Today. The Air was relatively Warm, but there was also a light Breeze going on. And that is always really nice.

After walking down to the Mühlenteich and then climbing back up to the Stadtweger Teich, I even spent some Time just sitting there on a Bench listening to the Birds. It really was that nice.

The Mühlenteich.

Being out in Nature is always really nice and Grounding. Being at the Teich is something more Special to me though.

I have always loved it to be at the Water and just listen to its Sounds and all the other Sounds coming out of Nature. That is always extremely relaxing, but it also helps me to really Focus by drowning out all the Noise of Urban Life.

I am definitely glad that I get to be out there. Nature is a huge Part of who I am, and it always will be, no matter where I end up being.

Looking across the Dam.

I will definitely continue Exploring the World doing Photography. I will also continue writing this Blog. I really love doing that.

Today, just being at the Teich was really awesome. I got to collect my Thoughts and refresh my Mind. I also got to do some Photography, and that always makes a good Day.

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