How I Shoot

It is no Secret, I really like Photography. Capturing the World the Way I see it always is a lot of Fun. But as with anything, there are multiple Ways of doing what you Love.

Every Photographer has their own Style. None of those Ways is Right or Wrong though, and that is good. But this is about my Way. And I kinda like my Way.

A Bench near Clausthal.

Usually, I try to find a beautiful Place in Nature and then just walk around there to take it all in. While doing that, my Camera is always on and always by my Side.

No Camera, no matter how Good or Pricey it is, does any Good when it is just sitting there in its Bag. And there is no Telling what you might find while just looking around.

Some of my favourite Fotos happen to be taken while just looking around for a good Vantage Point. And sometimes, I do not even end up liking the Fotos from that Spot, but the Fotos that I took along the Way.

Sometimes, it is worth it to look down.

I do not like it to use Tripods. They slow me down, and they are a pain to lug around. For the same Reason, I usually do not use Manual Focus and stick to Aperture Priority most of the Time. Auto ISO definitely is my Friend.

My Camera is way faster than me at finding Focus and setting a correct Exposure. Also, I am really bad with Manual Focus. I just can not seem to get it right.

But I usually also take multiple Fotos of the same Thing so I can decide on my Favourites later on. Digital Photography really is great in that regard.

Somewhere in Buntenbock.

Sometimes, I use Manual Mode. Like when I am doing Video, or when I am unable to get the Exposure that I want to get. But that does not happen that often.

I am starting to do more and more Video, but right now Photography is still my main Thing. Capturing and Editing Fotos is just way more enjoyable to me than doing the same for Video right now. I am really no good at doing Audio.

But Video is also responsible for the only Thing that is always manually set on my Camera: White Balance. It is always better to have a consistent Look to your Moving Pictures, and that Setting does not really affect my RAW Files anyhow.

Colourful Streets.

While I do know what the Rule of Thirds, I definitely break it more often than I use it. Usually, I just go after what looks Good rather than for what is technically Perfect.

Perfection is a non existent Thing hat is just holding People back in my Opinion anyhow. Nothing ever will be truly Perfect, and that is Good. It means that there is always Room for Improvement.

So go out and have Fun doing what you are doing and being who you are. That is all that Matters in the End.

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