Printing Fotos

Digital Photography is awesome. I do it almost every Day. But it is also lacking in one major Way. There usually is nothing physical but maybe a Memory Card or a Hard Drive to hold on to.

And those Things neither show the Fotos that are on them with out a Screen, nor do they Feel good in the Hands. Fotos can look awesome on Screens, but sometimes that just is not enough.

A Teich & Me.

That is where Printing Fotos comes into play. I really love doing that. While more People will see Fotos on Instagram, it is always nicer to just hand someone a beautiful Print.

A Piece of Paper usually also feels warmer than any Technology will ever do. It is something real that you can hold, look at and even put up on your Wall if so desired. Printed Fotos are the best.

Personally, I prefer Postcard Size, around 10×15 centimetres. Coincidentally, that is also the Size that my little Foto Printer does. It is also a great Size to send out as a Postcard to Friends and Family. I guess that is where the Name comes from.

This one looks great Printed.

Postcards are a great Way to stay in Touch with those you love or just to let them know that you are thinking about them. Ever since I got my Printer a a Gift a few Years back, I do not buy Postcards anymore.

I usually make them myself. And while that usually takes a bit longer, because I have to edit and print the Fotos first to them assemble a Postcard, it is also much more Personal to send out your own Fotos.

Bought Postcards are great, but I usually find them kinda lacking. If I send one, it has to be just right.

One of my favourite Fotos of Recent.

Sadly, I have not printed many of my Fotos recently. That is mostly because I ran out of Paper for my Printer, and that stuff is pricey right now. It has gotten way more expensive since I last bought some.

Also, it was usually out of Stock at the local Shop when they were still open. But sometimes, I just prefer to buy local to support the little Shops. Even though I might pay 1 or 2 Euros extra. I am really looking forward to Things reopening again sometime.

At the Teich in Buntenbock.

Printing Fotos really is amazing. Making Postcards and sending them out to the World is a great Feeling. Making those Postcards yourself is really nice. And making People happy with those Postcards, now that is just awesome.

I am really looking forward to do that again once I have fresh Paper for my Printer. Until then, I will just keep on shooting.

2 thoughts on “Printing Fotos”

  1. Some trivia for you: in the old days of film photography you could buy pre-made ‘postcard’ printing paper which not only had light-sensitive coating on one side but the actual postal marking on the other; place for address, spot for the stamp, area for a message, and the words “POST CARD” proudly displayed. It was thicker than ordinary printing paper so it was ready to go in the mail as-was.
    Also there used to be a “postcard” format for cameras which utilized 122 size roll film. This was big stuff which yielded negatives around 8×14 cm – close to the format you use (which is based on 4×6 inch printing paper introduced for 135 cameras in the 1970s). The 122 negatives could make contact prints of postcard size, hence the name. That was the standard printing procedure back before WW II (and lasted for years afterward for the amateur photographer). The cameras that used this size were usually big folders like the Kodak 3A Special. Some were ‘autographic’ which allowed you to write on the film, possibly identifying the scene when taken. Now this is done digitally!

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