A Teich in Zellerfeld

The Oberharzer Wasserregal is truly Fascinating. I absolute love to Explore around it. There is just so much to see.

The most prominent Feature of the Oberharzer Wasserregal are the Teiche though. They are also the easiest to spot. That being said, I have never been to the Carler Teich in Zellerfeld before, nor did I know of it.

The Carler Teich.

Sitting right at the Bottom of the Kurpark in Zellerfeld, and also right next to a major Road and a Parking Lot. I am kinda surprised that I never visited it before.

Right below the Teich, another part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal is clearly visible. There is a Waterwheel and some Kunstgestänge which together make up a little part of the Wasserkunst that was once used to Power the Mines located in the Area.

It is actually re Interesting how those Miners were able to get all the Ore out of the Mountains without even knowing about Electricity in the early Years. That is really Awesome.

The Wasserkunst.

The Carler Teich itself, while being quite small in the big Scheme of Things, is also a really beautiful Teich. It also still has its Striegelhaus, and that is not always the Case.

Those Striegelhäuser were , and still are, used to Control the Outflow from their Teich by allowing access to the Striegel, a wooden Pipe at the Base of the Dam by means of a komplex System that opens and closes a Valve.

Mostly, that System consists of a Stick connected to a Hand-Crank used to raise and lower that Stick. Raising it opens the Valve while lowering closes it.

The Striegelhaus.

Finding Teiche is a lot of Fun. But getting to the Teich and back again is usually just as Nice. Today, I only had a very short Walk there though. I had originally intended to go to another Teich in Zellerfeld, but that one has to wait for now.

From the Parking Lot where I left the Car, I originally just intended to walk up and take a Foto or two of that beautiful Wasserkunst. But when I arrived there, I saw that there was more. I pretty much found the Carler Teich by Accident.

To get back to the Car, I then walked along the Rheinisch-Weiner Graben and past the Ringer Zechenhaus back to the Parking Lot.

The Zechenhausmand the Graben.

Today I was able to truly Find a Teich, but those Opportunities are just going to get less and less. I only can really do that once after all. Luckily, re-discovering Teiche is also a lot of fun.

There usually is not a whole lot of Change at the Teiche, but Exploring around in the different Seasons, in changing Weather and with other People is always Nice. I also enjoy it a lot to tell People the Things I know about the Harz. That can be a great Experience.

I will always love that, no matter what.

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