Light & Dark

Photography is great. I really love to go around Exploring and Capturing the World. For Photography, Light is Paramount. But the Dark is Crucial.

Sure, without Light, there can be no Photography at all. But without Shadows and Darkness, everything would look the Same. Our World would be a flat nothing. Light & Darkness define each other. They bring Structure into Things.

Defined by Light & Dark.

Without the Dark, there would be no Light and without the Light, no Darkness could ever exist. Photography lives from that Coexistence of the two Extremes. It also needs those Levels in between though.

Harsh Boarders can look great, but Gradients are superb. Off Course it always depends on the Situation and the Intent of the Photographer. A Combination of both those Things will always look nicer than one alone.

Lights create soft Shadows and harsh Darkness, but they can also create both.

Harsh Light in Rotterdam.

In Nature, Light is usually filtered by Layers of Foliage. It then then broken apart by Trees, and when it finally reaches the Ground, it can make the most beautiful Shadows. That is especially true when the Sun is low.

The Shadows get longer and there is just a nice Atmosphere in the Evening. The Morning offers the same, but I have to admit that I am not usually an early Riser.

Shadows in the Woods.

Usually, I am a Fan of the Light. Most of my Photography is done throughout the Daytime. But sometimes, when the Night draws me out of my House, truly Spectacular Fotos can happen.

Light mixes with the Dark, it washes out. Light morphs into Trails when I do Long Exposures. Structures become Schemes and Schemes become Abstract.

I do not go out at Night often anymore, but some of my favourite Fotos came to Life around Midnight. And there are many more to come.

A Rail Bridge in Mönchengladbach.

Living in a small Town can make Nightly Photography Escapades weird. It can also make them very much Interesting though.

There is much more Life at Night than one might expect.

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