Visiting the Oderteich

The Oderteich definitely is one of my absolute favourite Places in the Harz. Due to Overcrowding, I do not visit it that often though. Also, there are many other beautiful Places here that I also really like.

But after not visiting in a while, I just had to visit the Oderteich today. There was no Way around it, and I pretty much arrived there as soon as I started Driving.

The Oderteich through the Trees.

Here in the Harzvorland, Winter is pretty much over for now. Even in Clausthal there is not that much Snow left, just a few Spots here and there.

But at the Oderteich, it was a completely different Story. There was actually quite a bit of Snow and Ice. The Teich was still pretty much frozen. It was actually a little to slippery in some Places.

Where there was no Snow, there was a whole lot of Mud. I did not really like that, but Nature does what it wants. And that is good.

A Person at the Oderteich.

These past few Years were constantly warm, especially during the Summertime. Usually, there was very little Water in all of the Teiche in the Harz. Today, the Oderteich was at a very high Water Level though.

For the first Time that I can remember, there was actually Water flowing through the Overflow. Because of that, I just had to go and visit the other Side, also known as the Air Side, of the Dam where the Water Shute is.

Before the Overflow than drops into a Rocky Canyon, there is a small Bridge. Luckily, that Bridge was Ice-free.

Water rushing out of the Oderteich.

Before today, I only ever saw that Canyon empty, or with just a few Puddles in it. I always wanted to see it with Water though, and so I was able to check an Item of my personal Harz Bucket List today. And that was awesome.

I did not dare to continue past the Bridge though, as that bit seemed to be extremely Icy and Snowy. Bringing the wrong Shoes also did not help.

All the rushing Water was still extremely beautiful and exhilarating though. I just could not help it and also had to do some Video of the Event. Luckily, that was also on my Bucket List.

A Car passing along the Oderteich.

On a darker Note, I also found some bits of Trash at the Oderteich as usual. It was not as much as on busier Days, but it was still way to much. No amount of Garbage in Nature is acceptable, and it is easy to just take those Things back with you that you have brought.

If everyone would just do that, the Trash Problem would be non existent. There would not have to be a Special Wandernadel that People can get for picking up what others have left behind. Nature would be much better than it currently is.

The Harz would be even more beautiful than it already is.

At the other Side of the Oderteich.

I have always loved visiting the Oderteich. Usually I even get lucky and there are not that many People around. I guess that is because I usually visit during unusual Times.

Today, I had a great Time there. The Weather was beautiful and I finally got to see Water rushing out of the Oderteich and down that little Canyon on the other Side. That was really awesome.

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