A new Teich

Pretty much since January, I am completely obsessed with finding Teiche in the Oberharz. There are just so many of them, and every single one is beautiful and has its very own History.

As a part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal, most of the Teiche that are still here today date between the 16th and 18th Centuries. That means that they are usually also quite Old.

On the Way to the Teich.

Today, I visited the Fortuner Teich just North of the Jägersbleeker Teich that I have visited before. That one was built in 1721, which makes it one of the younger Teiche.

To get there, I parked the Car at the Northern Edge of Werk Tanne, and old Explosives Factory in the Area that is still causing massive Problems today.

Due to its proximity to Werk Tanne, the Teich Even got hit by a few stray Bombs during World War II.

Luckily, I tried to take a Foto right at the Car. After editing my latest Oderteich Fotos, I had apparently left the SD Card back Home and had to quickly leave to buy a Spare. Usually I would have one or two Extras with me, but they are in my other Backpack.

The Fortuner Teich.

After walking for a while, I then arrived at the Fortuner Teich. There, I found out that it is actually still used as a Drinking Water Reserve for Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

But since I did not just want to go to the Teich and back, I then decided to actually walk around it after checking out the Hiking Paths in the Area on Komoot. There was also very little Mud and pretty much no Ice in the Area, so I just went ahead.

So after crossing over the Dam of the Teich, I cut straight into the Woods on a narrow and rooty Path.

The Teich from the Path.

That Path then took me all the Way to the back of the Teich where Water constantly flows into the Reservoir from Dammgraben.

The Dammgraben collects Water and distributes it over a fairly large Area. It is over 19 kilometres long after all. Because of that, it is also a central Component of the Oberharzer Wasserregal and the longest Graben in the Harz.

Back in the Day, it was built to supply the local Mining Industry with much needed Water.

The Dammgraben at the Fortuner Teich.

The Fortuner Teich is, in my Opinion, one of the more beautiful Teiche in the Oberharz. It definitely helps that there is a Path going around it so that you can Explore all Sides of the Teich.

There are also a lot of Information Boards so that you can learn about the History and Purpose of the Teich and the Oberharzer Wasserregal in general. And that is always nice.

There are also some really nice Picnic Spots around the Teich that you can use, as long as you take your Trash back out of the Woods with you.

At the far End of the Teich.

Finding Teiche in the Harz is one of the nicer Obsessions I ever had. Doing so als gets me out of the House and deep into Nature, which is always super Nice. Today, I even got me some good Weather, I was able to see all the Way to the Brocken.

I also like the Harz when it Rains and when there is Fog, in Fact that can make for really nice Fotos, but Hiking is always nicer when it is dry outside.

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