In the Woods

Yesterday, I was visited the beautiful Fortuner Teich just of the L38 between Clausthal and Altenau. The Teich alone was great, but I also got to walk amongst the Trees.

And the Thing is: I absolutely love it to be surrounded by Nature, especially by Trees. Being able to just be there and enjoy all those mighty Trees is amazing. It is also a really grounding Experience.

Amongst the Trees at the Fortuner Teich.

Trees are awesome. They come in all different Shapes and Sizes. Some are Needely while others have Leafs. But all Trees have one Thing in Common: I have yet to find one that does not look great.

Every living Thing needs just a few Things to survive. Those are Water, Food and Oxygen from the Air. Trees are no different there.

Only that instead of constantly taking in Oxygen and creating the dreaded CO2, Trees and other Plants do it the other Way around. Photosynthesis really is kinda magical.

A Path through the Trees.

Trees also Filter the Air though. In the Woods, everything smells better, especially during the Summertime when all those Resins and etheric Oils are nice and smelly. I really love that.

But even when those smells are more subdued or even not quite there because of the Cold, the Air is always nicer in the Woods.

Usually, it is also much quieter.

Waldbaden really is a great Form of Relaxation.

Walking around the Teich.

Photography in the Woods is also a lot of Fun. The Light is different in every Direction. It is more Diffuse, but also creates harsh Shadows at the same Time.

Every Forest is different in that nothing in Nature ever truly is the same. Some Things apply everywhere though. Here in the Harz, we still have a lot of Spruce Monocultures. Those Trees are tall and Skinny, and that makes them great Subjects in my Books.

From the outside, I definitely prefer mixed Forests though. They look less uniform and they are most definitely better for Nature. Diseases and Pests like the Bark Beetle also have a harder Time when not every Tree is the same.

Along the Dammgraben.

I absolutely love it to be in the Woods and take some Fotos in them. At the same Time, it is also crucial to me to be respectful with Nature.

That means that I try not to break anything and that I strive to never leave a Mark. Taking Fotos should be enough. When I have the Tools with me, I also try to collect at least some of the Garbage People leave behind.

And that is a absolute No-Go. Nature is not a Dump. Everyone should be able to enjoy, especially the Animals who call these Woods their Home.

I did not find any Trash yesterday though. Sadly, that does not necessarily mean that there was none.

Tall Trees.

Being out there in the Woods and at the Teich listening to the Wind and the flowing Water was awesome. I should have probably taken some Video there, but I just did not think of doing that whatever.

I was way too relaxed for that. Fotos come naturally by now, but Video still takes some effort to get started.

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