#TSBTP: That Time in Köln

I really like Köln. Over the Years, I have been there a few Times already, mostly through University. It was always nice. But the best Time I had there was when I got to visit Photokina back in 2018.

I want to visit again, but since the Fair got postponed indefinitely this Year, that will probably never happen. And that is a shame. Köln during Photokina was awesome.

A Train in Köln.

There was actually a lot going on besides the Show that was still kinda related to it. I got to meet a few cool People and a YouTuber, there were many Foto Walks, and it was just awesome.

At the same Time, there was also a huge protest going on against some Politician visiting from abroad. That was not that nice, there was Police pretty much everywhere.

Back then, I stayed in a Jugendherberge like I usually do. I really love doing that. Jugendherbergen are something special.

At the Rhein.

At the Fair, I also figured out which Camera to replace my first DSLR with.

There where a few Contenders from a handful of Manufacturers, but in the End I went with the Camera I had pretty much decided on beforehand. I just had to make sure I liked it enough.

Around that Time, Canon also published the EOS R, and I got to try it out at their Booth. If I had had that kind of Money back then, I probably still would not have bought it. I just did not see and Advantage in it.

Further up the Rhein.

I always had a good Time in Köln, except for the very first Time I visited. I got somehow separated from my Group and ended up getting looked for by the Police.

In the End, everything turned out Fine, but that was not a pleasant Experience at all.

Luckily, no one reminds me of that except for myself.

At the Flora.

I really do like Köln, and I will definitely visit again sometime.

But until then, I at least have some Fotos to look at.

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