About Horizons

Landscape Photography is great. I absolutely love doing it. As with all Kinds of Photography, Composition is Key. Luckily, there are a lot of Tools that can be used and several Rules that can be followed.

I really do not like following those Rules though, except for when it comes to Horizons. Wonky Horizons really do not look good. They make me feel kinda uneasy. The same goes with Horizons that are right in the middle of the Foto. Those usually look a little odd.

A straight Horizon.

For me, Horizons should be nice and Level. I do not know why that is, but they just look better in my Opinion.

Usually, they also look better when they are somehow aligned with the Rule of Thirds and not just in the Middle of a Foto. That usually marks a Foto as more of a Snapshot to me.

In the right Situation, it can also look really nice. For example when there is a lot of Symmetry in the Scene. Or when there is something nice in the Foreground.

A centred Horizon.

As I am writing this, I notice that a lot of my Fotos do have Horizons that are pretty much centred. Most of my favourite Fotos do not have that though, and I am actively trying to get away from it.

Centred Horizons really do look kinda lazy, and a lot of Times I feel like I am going after the electronic Level in my Camera a little to much. Maybe I should go ahead and disable that Function. It feels kinda restrictive.

On the same hand, it helps me to keep my Lines straighter, and I kinda do like that. Especially when it comes to Trees. Wonky Trees make me kinda nervous.

Beautiful Trees.

In Landscape Photography, there is pretty much only one Thing that is really important to. And that is that Horizons are straight.

When the rest of the Foto looks good, that is pretty much the only Rule that is actually kinda important. All the others can be supplemented or even broken.

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