This Winter

I usually like the Wintertime. The Harz is always really beautiful when all the Trees are powdered over and the Teiche are frozen. The last few Years, we did not have much of that though.

And this Winter started out bad as well. The first real Snow we had here came around a few Days after Christmas, and that did not really last that long.

A snowy Teich.

After that first little Round, Winter was pretty much gone again, except for maybe some Places in the Hochharz that were too overcrowded to visit anyhow.

This February, it then turned quite ugly for a while though. It was extremely Cold, down to -20° Celsius at Night, and Public Transportation pretty much came to a standstill. It was really awful.

Those extreme Temperatures also led to countless burst Pipes here in Osterode. We just were not used to that down here in Osterode anymore.

At the Teich in Clausthal.

For about two Weeks, I did not use the Car at all. For a while, it did not even start. Because of that, I off Course also did not visit the Harz at all during that Time.

When the Streets were finally cleared again sufficiently, I was kinda surprised that I did not have to buy a new Car Battery as that Thing turned on pretty much right away, but only after I remembered to turn the Radio off.

On that Day, I then also drove up into the Harz again for the first Time. I had figured that it would be good to warm the Car up a little after so long. Most Snow was gone by then though.

Just a little Ice.

Since then, it has actually not snowed all to much, or at least not that I have noticed. But in some Places, also mostly in the Hochharz, there is still a lot of the Stuff lying around.

Up until last Monday, most Teiche in the Oberharz were still mostly frozen as well. I doubt Winter is over just yet though. Usually, we get some more around Easter, and right now it looks like it is going to Snow a good amount of next Week.

Right now, I am definitely looking forward for Springtime to start. It has been cold for long enough.

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