The Colour Red

Sometimes in my Landscape Photography, I just can not go without that certain Splash of Colour. It is always nice to have an extra Point of Reference in my Fotos.

They can also provide a Sense of Scale or make a Scene much more relatable. Usually, I do not get what Colour I am going to use, as much that usually depends on Chance. Most of the Time, I do not plan ahead, and I can not Control the Actions of Strangers that wander into Frame.

A little Red Dot in the Woods.

I definitely prefer the Colour Red though. It always just looked better in my Eye. Red usually also stands out much more than more subdued Colours. I guess that is why Firetrucks tend to be painted that Way.

Up until a few Weeks ago, I thought that it was just a Coincidence that I really liked the look of some Red Bits in an otherwise Greenish Landscape.

That was until I learned about complimentary Colours and how those work together. It really is quite Interesting how that Works.

According to modern Colour Theory, Red and Green complement each other Perfectly.

The Swedish Cabin in Buntenbock.

I really love how Science can explain what I already knew. Red just looks good in Nature. There does not even have to be much Green in a Scene for that to be true.

A lot of Snow also works very nicely. But that is more because Red just sticks out a lot more than most Colours, especially when there is pretty much nothing but White Landscapes around.

My favourite Colour does not just work nicely in Landscapes though. It is also no stranger to the big City. Sometimes, big Steel Structures are painted Red, and those look especially awesome at Night.

The Willemsbrug in Rotterdam.

Red always has been one of my absolute favourite Colours. I t usually looks great in Fotos, and it is overall quite versatile. That is also why it is a Main a colour here on

I also quite like Blue though. That is also a really nice Colour.

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